Czech Holiday Calendar 2017

Czech Holiday Calendar 2017

With so many holidays falling on Saturday or Sunday last year, 2016 wasn’t great for long weekends; despite the addition to the calendar of an extra holiday (Good Friday was adopted as an official holiday in 2016) we officially had two fewer days off. 

Not so in 2017 which is shaping up to be much more generous with free days with only 250 working days and six long weekends on the calendar.

Only three of the thirteen public holidays fall on a weekend this year: New Year’s Day (Sunday, January 1), Day of the Independent Czechoslovak State (Saturday Oct 28), and Christmas Day (Sunday, December 24).

May will prove an ideal time for planning a holiday as both May 1 and May 8 fall on a Monday; if you want to vacation during the first week of July you will only need to take three days off with the July 5 Day of St. Cyril and St. Methodius falling on Wednesday and the July 6 Day of Jan Hus on Thursday.

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The holiday ban on sales will carry on in 2017 with New Year, Easter Monday, May 8, September 28, October 28, and December 25 and 26 seeing the closing of shops with an area more than 200 square meters.

Full list of public holidays in 2017:

Friday, April 14: Good Friday

Monday, April 17: Easter Monday

Monday, May 1: Labor Day

Monday, May 8: Liberation Day

Wednesday, July 5: St. Cyril and St. Methodius Day

Thursday, July 6: Jan Hus Day

Thursday, September 28: St. Wenceslas/Czech Statehood Day

Saturday, October 28: Day of the Independent Czechoslovak State

Friday, November 17: Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

Sunday, December 24: Christmas Eve

Monday, December 25: First Day of Christmas

Tuesday, December 26: Second Day of Christmas

Monday, January 1, 2018: New Year’s Day/Czech Independence Day

See here for culturally important days in the Czech Republic that are not public holidays as well as full descriptions of each Czech holiday.

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See here for a full list of Czech name days.

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