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Prague is the fifth cheapest city to travel by taxi to the airport

A new index reveals the cheapest cities in Europe for taking a cab to and from the airport
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According to Dutch company, which compared prices in 14 cities across Europe based on price per mile, base fares, and distance, Prague is the fifth cheapest city in Europe for fares to and from the center and the airport and vice versa.

The cheapest city for airport-to-city-center transfers was Lisbon, Portugal (a city where the airport is located close to the center) at €5.79. Istanbul came in second at a fare of €13.64 to and from its Ankara airport, followed by Madrid at €18.56 per trip to and from Barajas.

Berlin (€20.10) came in fourth, just edging out the Czech capital. At 18.3 kilometers to and from Prague’s Vaclav Havel airport at a rate of €1.08 (base of €1.55) per kilometer, the site listed an overall price of €21.31 for airport transfers, putting Prague in fifth place followed by Vienna (€23.75) and Athens (€26.45) to round out the cheap side of the index.

On the expensive side of the spectrum: Brussels (€26.88), Rome (€36), Paris (€42.73), and Bern (€43.84). Stockholm, despite the city’s low fares, ranked third; the distance to its Arlanda airport (40.3 km) means it adds up to a hefty €49.76 taxi fare. London, where it’ll cost €50.60 for 25.6 km to or from Heathrow, came in second place as the most expensive airport transfer in Europe.

At €52.07 per 20.8 km journey, Amsterdam topped the index as the most expensive city center to reach its Schiphol Airport via taxi.

Public transport and taxi services such as Uber were not factored into the results of the index. The index also likely didn’t factor in some of Prague’s more unscrupulous taxi drivers and their history of overcharging customers including one Prague taxi driver who charged a tourist 7,500 crowns for a 20-minute ride from the airport this summer.

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