German Amazon Now Has a Czech-Language Option

What will it mean for local e-shops now that the American retail giant has learned Czech?

Czech server TechNet is reporting today that the German division of the American online retail giant Amazon is now offering shoppers a Czech-language option.

In the initial phases, Czech localization comprises website navigation, translated product names, customer support for e-mail and phone, most user help, the My Account section, and confirmation of orders and shipments.

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Other features in the local language will gradually be implemented.

Previously, the German version of Amazon had language options for English, Dutch, Polish, and Turkish.

Czech orders are fulfilled from a distribution center near Prague.

Prices are displayed in euros, but the final amount will be displayed in Czech crowns. The customer can then choose the currency of payment.

Amazon offers free shipping to the Czech Republic on orders over 39 euros.

TIP: If you prefer to support local e-shops, Cyber Monday in the Czech Republic is back on November 27, 2017 and will be extended for three days of free shipping on items ordered at participating online sellers this year.

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