Put Your Feet Up – Furniture Shopping in Prague

Put Your Feet Up – Furniture Shopping in Prague

Written by Jacy Meyer
for Expats.cz

A place to lay your weary head. A comfy spot to read a good book. Someplace to eat dinner. Whether you want it to be fun or functional, classy or comfortable, we´ve got the scoop on furniture shops in town.

Ikea (Centrum Cerný Most, Chlumecká 10/664 & AVION Shopping Park, Skandinávská, Zličín, www.ikea.cz). Whether you love it or loathe it, it´s a pretty much inevitable stop. Everything can be found here; beds, tables, shelving, desks, chairs, couches, kitchen and bath appliances; the works. The quality is sound, they offer delivery and assistance with set-up, and the prices aren´t half bad either.

If you are looking for something a little more unique and upscale, head to Flamant Home Interiors (Slovanský Dúm, Na Příkopé 22, www.flamant.cz). They have really nice stuff. The look tends to be dark solid woods and overstuffed furnishings; but there really is a variety here for all. The store is laid out in “rooms” so it´s easy to find a style you like and get inspired. The whole house can be done here; they have dishes, lamps, linens, etc. Most fun: They have a refrigerator that´s designed like an old-fashioned icebox, but equipped with a wine rack inside.

Down the road at Černá Růže is Donate (Na Příkopé 12, www.donate.cz), another one-stop shop for all the big items. Fortify yourself before this trip. Donate is located on the top floor of Černá Růže and instead of one shop, they seem to have just moved in to all the existing empty stores there. They have full sets; including bedroom, dining and living room, as well as an excellent selection of outdoor or garden room furnishings and the prices are a bit lower than Flamant. Lots of wood, but also wicker/rattan beds and chairs; accessories too, lamps, shelving, etc.

A neat shop, mainly of imports, is Le Patio (Národní 22, www.patium.com). Wardrobes, beds, cupboards, shelving, dining and coffee tables can be found, much of it from India. Those looking for leather items would do well to check out their sofa and chair selection. Iron furnishings, with mix and match cushions as well as a large lighting selection, makes Le Patio a good stop for interesting finds.

Another shop that will help you show off some style is Modernista (Betlémské nám. 5a, www.modernista.cz). This store is practically a gallery as they offer products made by Czech designers; both contemporary and classic. Fans of Czech Cubism should check out their reproductions of mainly tableware; they also produce originals in the Art Deco and Bauhaus style. You wouldn´t be able to do the whole house here, but can pick up some choice accent pieces, as well as lots of accessories.

For the efficient among us, pop over to Sázavská street in Prague 2. This small street off of Vinohradska has a string of furnishing shops. Vasta Nábytek (Sázavská 32, www.vastanabytek.cz) offers complete flat furnishing, from shelving units to couches to lamps to beds to nightstands. I´d call it minimalist: they use a lot of solid colors and stainless steel. Some of the living room furnishings have a vague 70´s feel to them. Best item is the indoor sun lounger – a comfy chaise lounge type chair with a stainless steel frame and white leather cushion. Excellent place for the independent decorator. Also at number 32 is Artemide (www.artemide.cz)a wide-ranging lighting store. Next door is Disemo (Sázavksá 30, www.disemo.cz). Again, bedrooms and living rooms, as well as tables and chars and sofas can be found here. You could feel like a queen in their lavender, practically sparkly club chair; but most of their items are basic, functional stuff that can easily be mixed and matched.

Back on Vinohradska, head for number 33. For those who love their bed, no matter the price, pop into Hästens (www.hastens.com). They offer three types: frame, continental and adjustable. The frames are simple enough to fit into any décor, but it´s the Hästen mattress which really wows you over. Most fun is their round bed; best is their super soft bedding. In the same building is KA International (www.ka-international.com). Their focus is on materials and colors, paired with basic frames for an elegant, personalized look.

If you liked the look at Vasta Nábytek, pay a visit to Amber Interier (Jungmannova 20, www.amber.cz). The same simple lines and basic colors can be found here, as well as an extensive selection of office furniture. If you prefer a French country look, Ma Maison (Dlouhá 24, www.mamaisoninteriors.cz) is a must visit. Light, bright and curvy, they don´t have a huge selection of furniture, but offer beds, wardrobes, dining room sets and sideboards.

If you are looking to furnish on the cheap – or for something a little funky, head out to the used furniture “market” at the Libenský most tram stop (Trams 1, 3, 12, 15, 25.) Once off the tram, head towards what looks like a used car lot (it is, but there´s more stuff down there.) To your left you´ll see two huge sheds, cleverly labeled Hala 1 and Hala 2. Here you´ll find a hodge podge of beds, mattresses, couches, tables and chairs. You´ll also find myriad of other household items. They have dishes, CD racks, cat scratching posts, exercise equipment, art – the list could go on. Some of the stuff looks a bit dubious, but the entertainment value here can´t be overlooked. My best buy was a pewter waist-high candelabrum with six candleholders. So cool and only 200CZK. This last trip I picked up two small crystal dishes for 30CZK that I´m using as candleholders. If you head around to the right of these buildings, you´ll find yourself in a semi-scary, desolate space. Walk on through though, following the sign that says Nové bazary Nábytku. Here you´ll find 2 more halls, one that has almost all new furniture. The other one has a ton of shelves, desks and tables.

No matter your taste, style or budget; put your creativity to work and make a house your home. Accessories are the key – so if you have to stretch your crowns on the big stuff, splurge on some fancy extras.

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