The American Garage Sale Tradition Taking Off In Prague ’Burbs
Photo via Jesenice Garage Sale / Facebook

The American Garage Sale Tradition Taking Off In Prague ’Burbs

Our American readers may have fond memories of summer garage sale season when families—and sometimes entire neighborhoods—set up selling tables loaded with spring-cleaning cast-offs in their garages or on their lawns.

These days one is more likely to rummage for treasure on-line (see Prague Buy Sell Trade or any other host of online markets) but somehow doing so just isn’t the same.

Enter the Czech garage-sale community, groups of inhabitants of the Prague suburbs who have begun organizing neighborhood sales based on this very American concept.

Photo: Garage Sale Jesenice / Facebook

One of them, Garage Sale Jesenice, lays out some useful information for first-timers: “A Garage Sale is a sale of used goods by private persons at a predetermined date when there is no need for permission and the point of sale is most often the garages or the gardens of the sellers,” according to its site.

The group, based in the Prague-West district of the Czech capital, also encourages participants to set up lemonade stands and bake sales just like the Americans do.

Fun finds in Jesenice / Photo via Facebook

Lots of homes at these events, for example, bake a cake or prepare homemade lemonade, which their kids sell for a symbolic price,” the site reads.

Jesenice isn’t the only local community to import the garage sale premise; in Černošice, Experiment: Garage Sale (catchphrase “All you need is less”) has been taking place in this town on the Berounka River twice a year since the spring of 2011.

Garage sales signs in Škvorec / Photo via Experiment Garage Sale Facebook

Both groups believe that not only do such “sejls” help people de-clutter their homes but they also foster a sense of community and provide the perfect opportunity for getting to know your neighbors.

The spring Garage Sale in Jesenice takes place May 26, 2018; the organization also maintains a list of upcoming sales in other areas.

The next Černošice event is May 19, 2018.

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