Meet the Czech Weather App that’s Rocking the World

Breathtaking wind displays, striking weather patterns, and ultra-accurate forecasts have earned this Prague start-up a loyal following

Windytv, a Czech-made weather desktop and mobile app, has been called “an absolutely stunning interactive website, that allows you to see global wind and weather patterns,” and “a gorgeous weather map that’s overlaid with current temperature conditions.”

We’ll add our two cents: It’s also highly addictive if breathtaking wind displays and striking weather pattern views are your thing.

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The app was invented on a whim by Seznam founder Ivo Lukacovic, who recently revealed in Czech Forbes that his increasingly popular invention is now “a part of the national warning system” in Taiwan.

The fast and precise forecasts began life as a smart tool for weather-dependent users (Lukacovic describes himself as “a kiter, helicopter and jet pilot, who seeks the wind, waves, METARs, and powder snow almost constantly.”)

But its specialized forecasts, in-depth and detailed options, such as altitude adjustments, airport runway details, and multiple data source options make it handy for anyone who travels regularly.

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Another fun feature: In the detailed location forecast you can view webcams in the vicinity to get a clear view of the actual weather at an exact spot.

Windytv uses three weather forecast models (GFS, NEMS and ECMWF). It was started in 2014 as Windyty and renamed because English-speaking users were having trouble with the pronunciation.

More recently, the company released its iOS app. Besides Windytv, the organization includes the start-up Melown, a 3D mapping app and platform that lets users explore the nooks and crannies of South Bohemian castles and othe romantic locales in the Czech Republic.

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