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Prague Zoo has raised 23 million crowns to support fire-afflicted Australian wildlife

Over 18,200 donors have contributed to the fund organized by Prague Zoo earlier this year

Prague – A total of 22.8 million crowns has been gathered in a public fund-raising campaign Prague Zoo launched in January in aid of the fire-afflicted fauna of Australia, and 20 million crowns have already been sent there in support of the treatment of burnt animals and salvation of the most endangered species.

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Over 18,200 donors, including schoolchildren, firemen etc. have supported the fund-raising campaign, which still continues.

“The biggest attention of the media and people has been attracted by koala bears with burn wounds,” zoo director Miroslav Bobek said.

“The solidarity was immense, also in Czechia.”

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The Czech state, too, has sent humanitarian aid of two million crowns to Australia. The aid, approved by Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček in January, was addressed to the rescue and emergency bodies in the areas afflicted by devastating fires.

If you’d like to join the Zoo in support of animals that have been affected by the recent bush fires in Australia, you can find details on donating here.

After being closed during the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic, Prague Zoo re-opened to the public last month, and visitor limits were removed earlier in June.

Prague Zoo’s newest exhibit is dedicated to Australia, and features Tasmanian devils.

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Zoo guests can now see two baby elephants that were recently born at Prague Zoo, who were officially named at a ceremony this past weekend.

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