Cost of Living In Prague: 2018 Edition

Last year saw expensive butter and a move to make beer cheaper – can you still live in the Czech capital on the cheap?

The year 2017 saw some encouraging data on the cost of living in the Czech Republic: Prague was named Europes cheapest culture capital, cheapest date night destination, while the Czech Republic boasts Europe’s cheapest beer, and came in #8 on the InterNations expat survey cost of living ranking.

2017: The Year Butter Prices Skyrocketed

But last year we also saw a spike in the price of several consumer goods including butter by about 20 CZK per 250 g—leading to some rather hilarious memes—as well as the McDonalds cheeseburger. The Czech media widely reported on the predicted increase of electricity, utilities, rents and even lunch in the Czech capital in 2018.

Could Beer Get Even Cheaper in 2018?

The good news: Czech beer could get even cheaper, at least if Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has his way. The PM announced a proposed reduction in beer VAT in late 2017.

Whether or not it’s possible to live on the cheap in the Czech capital and beyond is widely discussed in expat circles. We’ve compiled our annual Cost of Living Report as a helpful guide for those considering a move to the Czech Republic or for those already living here and like to compare from year to year (for previous years see here).

Prices reflect an exchange rate given by ČNB as of January 9, 2018.

Note that all prices given are estimates compiled using research from local markets. Prices will vary depending on your location; the center is historically more expensive than Prague outer boroughs.

Ed. note: Due to an oversight an earlier version of this article included several inaccuracies. Prices have since been updated.

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Dining Out

Big Mac793.092.733.69
Slice of pizza301.171.041.40
Daily lunch special in a restaurant
Fast-food menu1305.094.496.07
Grande coffee from a chain752.942.593.50
Domestic beer (0.5 l draught)301.171.041.40
Imported beer (0.33 l bottle)501.961.732.34
Vodka shot (0.02 l)702.742.423.27
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 l)451.761.562.10
Water (0.33 l bottle)401.571.381.87
Mixed drink in a bar1305.094.496.07


Fresh milk (1 l)220.860.761.03
UHT milk (1 l)180.700.620.84
Fresh bread (loaf)401.571.381.87
Toast bread (500 g)250.980.861.17
Butter (250 g)572.231.972.66
Flour (1 kg)150.590.520.70
Rice (1 kg)351.371.211.64
Spaghetti (500 g)250.980.861.17
Eggs (10-pack)501.961.732.34
Cheese (100g)180.700.620.84
Chicken breast (1 kg) 1395.444.806.50
Beef sirloin (1 kg)28010.969.6813.08
Pork cutlet (1 kg)1204.704.155.61
Apples (1 kg)351.371.211.64
Still water (1.5 l)100.390.350.47
Tea (25 bags)301.171.041.40
Coffee, ground beans (500 g)2409.408.3011.21
Coffee, instant (200 g)1797.016.198.36
Domestic beer (0.5 l bottle)120.470.410.56
Imported beer (0.5 l bottle)250.980.861.17
Czech wine (0.7 l bottle)1003.923.464.67
Pack of cigarettes903.523.114.21
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Limited ticket (30-min)240.940.831.12
Regular ticket (90-min)321.251.111.50
24-hour pass1104.313.805.14
3-day pass31012.1410.7214.49
Monthly pass55021.5319.0125.70
Monthly pass, student26010.188.9912.15
Monthly pass, senior2509.798.6411.68
Quarterly pass1,48057.9551.1669.16
5-month pass2,45095.9384.69114.49
Annual pass3,650142.91126.17170.56
Taxi (15-20 km within city)58022.7120.0527.10
Petrol (1 l)311.211.071.45

Return Flights

New York9,500371.97328.38443.93

Accommodation (per month)

Room in flatshare, Prague center9,000352.39311.10420.56
Room in flatshare, outside center5,500215.35190.11257.01
Studio flat, Prague center (30m2)18,000704.78622.19841.12
Studio flat, outside center (30m2)11,500450.27397.51537.38
Flat (1+1) Prague center (40m2)22,000861.39760.461,028.04
Flat (1+1) outside center (40m2)12,500489.43432.08584.11
Flat (2+1) Prague center (60m2)24,000939.70829.591,121.50
Flat (2+1) outside center (60m2)18,000704.78622.19841.12
4-star hotel, dbl occupancy (per night)2,30090.0579.50107.48
Bed in a hostel dorm (per night)35013.7012.1016.36

Utilities (per month)

Basic (gas, electricity, water)2,50097.8986.42116.82
Phone (land line)40015.6613.8318.69
Mobile phone (no data)45017.6215.5521.03
Mobile phone (data incl.)75029.3725.9235.05
Internet (ADSL)40015.6613.8318.69
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Leisure Time

Cinema ticket1305.096.074.49
Ballet, opera, classical concert80031.3237.3827.65
Rock, pop, hip hop concert75029.3735.0525.92
Dance club entry fee2007.839.356,91
Gym membership (monthly)1,50058.7370.0951.85


Private daycare (full-time, per month)16,000626.47553.06747.66
Babysitter (per hour)2007.836.919.35
Cleaner (per hour)1807.056.228.41
Women's hairstyling75029.3725.9235.05
Basic men's trim1204.704.155.61


Dress shirt40015.6618.6913.83
Casual skirt (high-street brand)70027.4132.7124.20
Sneakers (brand name)2,50097.89116.8286.42
Men's dress shoes1,30050.9060.7544.94
Women's dress shoes1,40054.8265.4248.39

Electronics and Consumer Goods

Mobile phone (Android)3,000117.46103.70140.19
Tablet (Android)5,000195.77172.83233.64
TV (50-inch / 127 cm)14,000548.16483.93654.21
Paperback book (in English)30011.7510.3714.02
Secondhand book (in English)702.742.423.27

Average monthly salary (before tax)

Average monthly salary (before tax)29,0501,137.431,004.151357.48

Mortgage interest rate (in %)

Mortgage interest rate (in %)From2.19%

* All conversions are based on exchange rates given by ČNB as of 9th January 2018.

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