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Czech state employees to receive large pay raise next year

The average salary of all Czech state employees, including civil servants and teachers, will increase to 38,285 crowns per month
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Prague, Oct 27 (CTK) – The average salary of all Czech state employees, including civil servants and teachers, is to be increased on average by 2,379 crowns a month to 38,285 crowns next year under the budget bill for 2020.

The number of the positions paid by the state is to increase by 5,632, whereby the state is to employ 475,369 people.

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The salaries of all state employees are to cost 227.4 billion crowns.

The gross average salary reached 34,105 crowns by mid-year, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) said.

The biggest pay rise is to relate to state attorneys and related professions. They are to receive on average 11,079 crowns more and to be paid 121,486 crowns amonth.

The civil servants are to receive 1,408 crowns and to be paid 39.388 crowns a month.

In all, the state expenditures on salaries and other payment for executed work is to rise by 17.6 billion to 227.4 billion crowns.

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Teachers’ salaries in the regional education are to increase by 10 percent next year and by 9 percent in 2021.

The volume of the money to be spent on the salaries of non-teaching personnel in the regional education is also to increase by roughly 10 percent.

The number of soldiers and other members of security forces is to increase by over 2,000. By contrast, the number of civil servants is to fall by 2,187.

The opposition is against the growing expenditures on the salaries and number of state employees.

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