Interview with a Chatbot: More Czech Companies Using New Recruitment Tool

A young Czech AI expert is developing new technology that allows top Czech companies to recruit via chatbot
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They’re used in customer support and account inquiry and for some Czech online retailers (food-delivery service Rohlík, travel agency Kiwi, and juice maker Goodlok) chatbots even conduct sales and dispense important updates related to your order.

What’s next for these helpful humanoids in the Czech Republic? According to AI expert David Fiedler, employee recruitment.

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Fiedler, who has developed HR chatbots for more than twenty companies including Škoda, Jablotron, and ČEZ, believes that following a short online mobile interview from the comfort of one’s own home, a candidate could conceivably report to a new job the very next day.

Speaking to the daily, he said:

“A regular user gets into contact with an HR chatbot by coming home after work, and opening Facebook and sees an ad among other posts, which with a few short sentences and recruiting graphics attracts the user — he’ll click on the post to learn more and is automatically redirected to Facebook Messenger or the career site where a smart chatbot will start a conversation.” 

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The chatbots Fiedler engineers are programmed to discuss a recruit’s experience in the field, incentive pay, ideal hours, and much more.

One company Fiedler recently worked with, Foxconn a multinational electronics cooperation in Pardubice, recruited 74 employees with a chatbot in two months. 

Prague-based International Personnel Agency Gi Group, recently deployed a recruitment chatbot (powered by Fiedler’s employer Feedyou) to interview shop assistants for positions at malls and luxury boutiques. The company says more than 200 people interacted with the chatbot.


“Digitization, automation, robotization: these are trends that rule the modern world, and businesses must realize that sooner or later they will have to automate routine matters,” says Fiedler.

The Czech Republic is a world leader in robotics, with 93 robots per 10,000 manufacturing workers, surpassing the global average of 66 units in other industrialized countries, according to the International Federation of Robotics.

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