New Poll: Prague Is #1 Country for Working Abroad, #3 for Families

The annual Expat Insider poll has been released; the Czech Republic remains among the best nations in the world for expats

Now in its fourth year, Expat Insider is one of the largest surveys worldwide offering an in-depth analysis of expat life across the globe. More than 12,500 respondents representing 166 nationalities and living in 188 countries or territories answered the questions, providing insight into what it means to be an expat in 2017. The ranking of 65 destinations across the globe lists the best (and worst), focusing on essential topics: quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life, personal finance, and cost of living. So how did foreigners living in the Czech Republic rank their adopted home? While it still appears among the Top 15 countries for expats this year, Czechia fell one spot from #10 in 2016 to #11 in 2017.



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Very few European countries cracked the Top 10, which featured Bahrain (#1) as the surprise winner for expats followed by Costa Rica, Mexico, Taiwan, Portugal, New Zealand, Malta, Colombia, Singapore, and Spain. The Czech Republic outranked a number of European countries including Netherlands (#13), Norway (#20), and Switzerland (#27) as well as the US (#43), Canada (#16), and UK (#54).





“Three-quarters of respondents are satisfied with their jobs, eleven percentage points more than the global average of 64%. About two in three expats (65%) also rate their career opportunities positively (global average: 53%),” report InterNations pollsters. The Czech Republic also scored high in the Family Life category (Availability of Childcare & Education, Cost of Childcare & Education, Quality of Education, Family Well-Being), coming in at #3 overallRespondents noted that education and leisure options make the Czech Republic a great place to raise children, however, the country underperforms when it comes to friendliness towards families with kids, ranking #22 out of 45.



The Czech Republic ranked #5 overall for Quality of Life (up two spots from last year), scoring high in the sub-category of Travel & Transport and consistently scoring in the top 20 in the areas of Leisure, Personal Happiness, Health & Well Being, and Safety & Security.

For Cost of Living Czechia also scored high (#5) but in terms of personal finance proved one of the bottom-ranking countries for increasing your income, meaning that expats earn less than they would in a similar position at home.

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One problematic area for the Czech Republic was reflected by the Ease of Settling index; the country scored near the bottom of the rankings in Language, Friendliness, Finding Friends, and Feeling Welcome. An interesting trend in this year’s results was the fact that for the first time since the debut of the Expat Insider survey, none of the previous year’s top three destinations led the ranking for 2017. To see the full survey visit

Average Salaries in Prague:

Freelance Teachers and Private school Teachers

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Freelance Language Teacher 8 (per hour) 20 (per hour - business level)
Private School Teacher7501200

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IT & Telecommunications

RoleMin EURMax EUR
IT Administration/ Operations14002200
Technical Support (Team leader) 18002500
Development (3-5 years experience) 20004000
IT Consulting - ERP consultant 22003200

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Sales, Retail & Marketing

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Sales representative (1-3 years experience) 9001800
Retail - Department Manager9001400

Banking & Financial Services

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Banking - Corporate Banker11002200
Finance & Accounting - Financial Analyst13001900
Tax Consultancy & Audit - Auditor (up to 3 years experience)9001400

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RoleMin EURMax EUR
Marketing - Online Marketing Specialist13001800

Customer Service / SSC / BPO Services

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Customer Service - Order Entry Clerk with Languages9001100
Sales - Inbound Telesales with Languages9001600
Technical Support - Level 111001300
Procurement - Manager18002900
HR - Payroll Practitioner9001300
Finance - AP Analyst9001000

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