Prague Is the World’s Best City For Working Remotely, Says New Survey

A new ranking reveals the Czech capital as the best city in the world for remote working
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Earlier this year, the Czech Republic was ranked as one of the best countries in the world for being your own boss – placing tenth among 57 countries in terms of quality of life for digital nomads.

Now a new ranking has been released revealing the best cities for working remotely and Prague tops the list.

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UK-based conference call service Powwownow has analyzed the cost of living among the top 15 cities for urban work life according to InterNation’s most recent Expat City Ranking Report, factoring in the average monthly salary, internet speed, price of coffee, and cost of public transport to reveal the best locations for those who work remotely.

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The sites writes: “Prague came out as the best place for remote workers, mainly down to the low cost of living. Though wages reflect this, the city’s relaxed feel and the fact that EU citizens do not need a work permit, make it a great choice for digital nomads and expats alike.”

It also gives a break down of cost of living stats in the Czech capital:

  • Cost of Living Index = 47.87
  • Average Monthly Net Salary = £916.55
  • Average Internet Speed (Countrywide) = 16.90 mbps
  • Cost of a Coffee (Cappuccino) = £1.64
  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport) = £0.82

Interestingly, very few Czechs themselves tend to work remotely or have the option of home office.

In fact, Powwownow doesn’t go into details in terms of what “remote working” means.

While the UK, for instance, has introduced flexible working legislation, resulting in a significant increase in employees who work remotely, new figures from Eurostat (as reported by Radio Praha) suggest that Czechs are well below the EU average when it comes to working from home, with just under 4 percent doing so.

Here is the entire list of cities ranked as the best places to work remotely:

  1. Prague
  2. Johannesburg
  3. Auckland
  4. Amsterdam
  5. London
  6. Munich
  7. Frankfurt
  8. Beijing
  9. Hamburg
  10. Stockholm
  11. Luxembourg City
  12. Basel
  13. Manama
  14. Zurich
  15. Copenhagen

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