Prague Ranks among the World’s Top 10 Most English-Proficient Cities
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Prague Ranks among the World’s Top 10 Most English-Proficient Cities

Education First, which focuses on language learning around the world, has compiled its English Proficiency Index for 2018, evaluating non-native English-speaking countries around the globe on their English-language knowledge.

This year’s report ranked 88 countries and regions, making it the largest report to date.

In a global ranking of countries that saw Sweden grab the no. 1 spot for highest proficiency (Libya came in last), the Czech Republic ranked 20th overall, with a score of 59.99 (#17/32 in Europe).

The Czech Republic was labeled a “high proficiency” region, which reflects an improvement from 2013-2014 when the country was deemed just “moderately” proficient. In regional trends, it was shown as the most improved country in Europe.

Another interesting trend, however, saw the country place behind a number of nations of the former Eastern bloc, bested by Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Croatia, and Serbia in terms of the English-language skills of its inhabitants.

The report also took a closer look this year at English proficiency in the workplace, stating that Central European countries are becoming more attractive to international companies because they combine two factors: the good language skills of their inhabitants and relatively low costs.

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It also analyzed English-proficiency by city, with Prague ranking tenth place among the world’s most English-proficient capitals:

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Stockholm
  3. New Delhi
  4. Johannesburg
  5. Oslo
  6. Helsinki
  7. Mumbai
  8. Manila
  9. Vienna
  10. Prague

Understanding English, according to the authors of the survey, improves innovation, competitiveness, and co-operation with other countries.

Katrina Modrá

A long-time resident of Prague, Katrina Modrá has covered Czech culture, lifestyles, and news for both local and international publications for 15+ years.

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