Prague Salary Guide 2018

Our 2018 Prague salary guide looks at how much you can expect to make in the Czech capital across a number of job industries and sectors
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If you’re considering relocating to Prague, one of the first questions you may have will likely concern the average Prague salary. The good news is that with unemployment at an all-time low in 2018, companies are often looking for foreign job applicants to cover the shortcomings of the local market, particularly in sectors such as IT, making it a good time to look for multi-lingual job opportunities in Prague and the Czech Republic.

According to 2018 data released by the Czech Statistical Office, the average wage in the Czech Republic increased by 8.0 percent in the last quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in the previous year, surpassing 30,000 CZK for the first time in the history of the Czech economy at 31,646 CZK.

Analysts say the increase was fueled not only by a tight job market but also by wage increases in the public sphere.

The difference in Prague salary and smaller cities, however, can be up to 30% more of the national average. Therefore basing a relocation on the national salary average is not always a viable indicator when looking at potential earnings.

What is the average Prague salary?

Other cities in the Czech Republic with higher earning potential include Brno, an IT capital, Pilsen, and the Central Bohemian region.

These tables showing Prague salary by industry were compiled using data from partner Prague salary guides and also reflect Prague salaries given on our own Prague job server pages. They are meant to give a range of wages across sectors for anyone who is interested in finding out more about salaries in Prague.

Accounting and FinanceMin KčMax Kč
Junior Accountant / Invoice Clerk30,00035,000
Junior Accountant (2 years experience)35,00040,000
Financial Accountant (2 + years experience)38,00045,000
Senior Accountant45,00060,000
Chief Accountant70,00090,000
Account Manager85,000120,000
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Banking and Financial ServicesMin KčMax Kč
Credit Risk Analyst / Retail35,00055,000
Credit Risk Analyst / Corporate35,00080,000
Credit Risk Manager60,000120,000
Operational Risk Analyst35,00090,000
Internal Audit Manager85,000150,000
Compliance Specialist35,00055,000
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Customer ServiceMin KčMax Kč
Customer Service Manager60,00080,000
Customer Service Team Leader45,00055,000
Customer Service Rep (1+ years experience)33,00040,000
Customer Service Rep (up to 1 year experience)28,00033,000
Back Office Specialist (1+ years experience)34,00040,000
Back Office Specialist (no experience)30,00034,000
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HospitalityMin KčMax Kč
General Manager70,000300,000
Deputy of General Manager50,000200,000
F and B Manager40,000150,000
Events and Group Manager40,00070,000
Sales Manager35,00080,000
Casino Manager60,000250,000
Operations Manager / Fitness30,00080,000
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Human ResourcesMin KčMax Kč
HR Support25,00030,000
HR Administrator28,00040,000
HR Specialist35,00045,000
HR Generalist45,00070,000
HR Business Partner50,00090,000
HR Manager70,000110,000
HR Director80,000150,000
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IT and TelecommunicationsMin KčMax Kč
Administrator / Support Engineer40,00065,000
Business Analyst60,00090,000
First-Level Support Specialist37,00045,000
Big Data Developer90,000160,000
iOS Developer55,00090,000
Java Script Engineer50,000100,000
Technical Writer45,00085,000
Programmer (Graduate)35,00050,000
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RoleMin KČMax KČ
Project Management - Delivery Manager75,000110,000
R&D - Test Engineer29,00040,000
Manufacturing - Product Supervisor23,00040,000
Purchasing & Logistics - Transport Coordinator29.00036,000
Technical Sales - Support29,00036,000
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MarketingMin KČMax KČ
PR Manager 40,00070,000
Junior Marketing Specialist 25,00045,000
Marketing Specialist40,00060,000
Creative Director90,000150,000
Market Research Analyst35,00065,000
Online Marketing Specialist40,00080,000
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Sales and RetailMin KČMax KČ
Shop Assistant18,00035,000
Department Manager24,00070,000
Store Manager28,000110,000
Area Manager40,000200,000
Visual Merchandiser21,00050,000
Area Visual Merchandiser35,00060,000
Sales Director80,000250,000
Country Manager70,000250,000
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Teaching and EducationMin KČMax KČ
English/Foreign Language Teacher (Hourly)150 KČ / hour300 KČ / hour
English/Foreign Language Teacher (Full-time salary)25,00040,000
Seasonal Summer Camp Language Instructor6,000 KČ / week8,000 KČ / week
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