Some Czech companies now offer a 14th salary Christmas bonus

Some Czech companies now offer a 14th salary Christmas bonus

Earlier this month, we wrote about 2018 Christmas bonuses in the Czech Republic; while a ‘13th salary’ is the typical offering for many companies, 2018 is the first year on record that more than half of Czech businesses plan to offer their employees a full month’s salary as a Christmas bonus, according to a recent survey by the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

But some companies aren’t stopping at 13.

Yes, numerous companies in the Czech Republic are granting their employees both a 13th and 14th salary bonus this year – – an additional two months wages as a Christmas bonus – – according to a recent article in

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Those companies include Schwan Cosmetics in Český Krumlov, which specializes in the manufacturing of cosmetic pencils. Their 570 employees will be getting a two-month salary bonus this year.

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German brand Groz-Beckert in České Budějovice will also grant a 13th and 14th month salary bonus this Christmas. Even that isn’t enough for the company, which filled 40 new positions this year and still has open vacancies on the market.

In 2019, Groz-Beckert employees will also be getting a 5-7% salary increase across the board.

Employees at Jikov Engine and Engel Mechanical in Kaplice will also be getting a 13th and 14th salary Christmas bonus, along with small Christmas gifts including massage vouchers.

And while amounts weren’t specified, employees at České Budějovice Hospital, the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant, and Robert Bosch, some of the largest employers in South Bohemia, can also expect significant bonuses.

If you’re not familiar with these companies, iDnes only looked at businesses in České Budějovice and the South Bohemian region. Across the Czech Republic and throughout Prague, Christmas bonuses are expected to reach record numbers this year.

With a record number of job vacancies on the Czech market, and historically low unemployment numbers in the country, local employers are doing everything they can to attract and maintain their employees.

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