The Czech Republic Is the Best Country for Non-EU Migrants to Find Work

The employment rate of migrants born outside of the EU is highest in the Czech Republic says Eurostat
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New data has been released by Eurostat revealing the best and worst countries in the European Union for non-EU migrants to find work.

Statistics show that in 2017, the employment rate of persons in the EU aged 20-64 years ranged from 63.0% among migrants born outside the EU, through 73.0% among the native-born population, to 75.4% recorded for migrants born in a different EU Member State.

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For migrants born outside the EU, the employment rate was highest (79.4%) in the Czech Republic – where it was higher than the 78.5% for the native-born population but slightly lower than for EU migrants (79.7%) – followed by Romania (76.3%), Portugal (74.5%) and Poland (73.0%).

The worst countries for non-EU migrants looking for work? Greece recorded the lowest employment rates for the native-born population (58.1%) and for migrants born elsewhere in the EU (56.1%), while Belgium had the lowest employment rate for migrants born outside the EU (52.0%).

According to Eurostat analysts, the flow of migrants has led to a range of new skills and talents being introduced into local labor markets while also increasing cultural diversity.

The integration of migrants has increasingly become a key area for policy focus in recent years, with measures to prepare immigrants and their descendants so they may be more active participants in society, for example, through labor market and citizenship initiatives.

See full Eurostat data here.

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