Birell Lemon & Pomegranate

The taste palette is getting wider

Following the success of the Birell Lime & Raspberry last year, the brand is launching another new product – this time it is Lemon & Pomegranate flavour. The new variant also offers the consumers who pursue and enjoy a naturally active lifestyle a sweeter fruity flavour along with the refreshing effect typical of all Birell varieties. Birell Lemon & Pomegranate is available from April 2013 in 0.5-litre cans.

Citrus flavours are very popular when it comes to mixed beverages made of beer, which is why Birell is using this opportunity and presenting another new product in its portfolio to consumers. The combination of lemons and the non-traditional pomegranate offers a unique combination of flavours which is pleasantly refreshing.

We want to offer various flavours that will intrigue as many consumers as possible, be it before or after a sports performance, or on a family outing. Thanks to a wide range of flavours, you can have Birell with all healthy meals,” said Luděk Baumruk, Marketing Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj.

Birell Lemon & Pomegranate

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The fruity new products are intended for all those who seek light refreshments, and the new Birell Lemon & Pomegranate is less sweet than Lime & Raspberry. The Birell Pale appeals to the fans of true beer flavour and vitality. The Birell Semi-Dark rounds off the flavour palette with a strong and full taste of dark beer with caramel tones.

As with the other varieties, the Birell Lemon & Pomegranate does not contain preservatives or artificial colouring. Thanks to its low calorie content, Birell is a suitable beverage for an active lifestyle and is an ideal choice for replenishing necessary fluids. The new product is launched on the market in half-litre tin cans.

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