Carp without bones

Carp without bones

In Holešovice Market, we are about to reveal the secrets of how to enjoy the traditional Christmas carp without the annoying bones.

In this note, Eliška Sommerová from the culinary academy “Chefparade” calls out to the nation : Give up the horse shoe shaped carp steaks!

Holešovice Market in collaboration with Chefparade organises an event for everybody who wants to improve their skill in preparing the traditional Czech Chrismas fish dish. This event will take place in the hall number 36 (Chefparade premises) during our Farmers‘ Market event held on Saturday, 18th December, between 8am and 2pm. The addmission is free of charge, no need to book in advance, and you can also taste the resulting fish dish to feel the difference.
The majority of Czech households prepare the traditional Chrismas carp dish from cuts that resemble a horse shoe. Considering that carp as such does have a plenty of bones, eating fish cut in this way resembles fish autopsy on the plate rather than a festive gourment experience.‘ points out Eliška Sommerová from Chefparade. The understandable fear of fish bone getting stuck in ones throat, and we all have heard numerous accounts of that happening, drives us into dissecting every morsel into the tiniest of pieces. Or, well, the more greedy and impatient ones end up discreetly spitting fish-bones into a napkin…

And that is why we present you with a solution. A slight revolution within  the otherwise very traditional Christmas family event. ‚Instead of cutting the fish across the backbone, we suggest you fillet it,‘ says Eliška Sommerová. ‚Filleting a carp is a skill that anybody can get the hang of, once they are shown the necessary know-how‘, and the presentation of filleting a carp is the main topic of this event, she adds.   

In addition, we will show you a number of ways how to cook the carp fillets. Rather than just frying the fish covered in breadcrumbs, you will see  the preparation of lighter and rather sexy sounding gourment recipes, such as carp on a bed of chestnut puree studded with sauteed leeks, and  drizzled with lemon emulsion, or carp in creamy sauce on warm lentil salad, or, alternatively, carp marinated in the mixture of chopped dill and sharp mustard.  You will also be presented with dishes prepared  from less known Czech freshwater fish, such as the common trout, and the so called brook trout.

All the fish will be provided by the Libechov fischeries, which regularly sell life fish in the Holešovice Market. ‚We have chosen Libechov for its exceptionally gentle handling of fish in all the stages of its life.
All handling of eggs and adult fish is done by hand without any machinery. And as the fish is farmed without the use of steroids and antibiotics, it can basically be considered organic, adds Jan Štíhel, the marketing manager of Holešovice Market.

About Holesovice Market:
Holesovice Market is a large protected area in the historic center of Prague, built in Art Nouveau style in the years 1893-1895 as Prague´s main slaughterhouse. After the abolition of the slaughterhouse in 1983 it was turned into a marketplace with a focus on retail services. The current operator of the marketplace is the Delta Center, Inc., which has a  long-term lease. Operator’s intention is to gradually revitalize Holesovice market and offer visitors a comprehensive service in retail and leisure. Among the major tenants include Alza- electronics retailer, Mountfield -a shop center with swimming pools,  or a luxury restaurant SaSaZu. In Hall 22, the largest year-round farmers’ market in the Czech republic is held.

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