Eastern Promises Tattoo Contest

Answer Cronenberg trivia & win tattoo vouchers!

“In Russian prisons, your life story is written on your body.”
– Eastern Promises

In David Cronenberg´s Eastern Promises (showtimes), we delve deep into London´s underbelly, to a world of Russian mafia known as the Vory V Zakone (“Thieves in Law”). Tattoos tell the story of a man´s progress in this organization: stars on your knees mean you never kneel for anyone; stars above your heart denotes full acceptance into the ‘family´.

Click Here to read our review of the film.

Now you can tell your own story – without joining the Vory V Zakone – by winning some free vouchers to UZI Tattoo (www.uzi.cz).

Contest over – the winners are:

1st Prize: Jonathan S.
2nd Prize: Marketa
3rd Prize: Becki H.
3rd Prize: Jennifer P.
3rd Prize: Rusty M.

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Thanks to all who sent in replies!

Just tell us this: which David Cronenberg film starred porn star Marilyn Chambers as a woman who develops a taste for blood after undergoing plastic surgery?

Send answers to editor@expats.cz (one entry per household, please). Correct replies will be placed in a raffle, and 5 lucky winners will receive one of the following prizes:

1st Prize: 2000 CZK voucher to UZI Tattoo
2nd Prize: 1000 CZK voucher
3 Runner-ups: 500 CZK voucher each

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