HSBC: Emergencies Abroad

Your bank can help during travel emergencies

If you have an emergency abroad your bank will help!

Are you going on holiday or on a business trip? Apart from necessary personal belongings you´ll probably pack all the essential documents, cash in a foreign currency and your credit or debit cards. After all, it´s better to be safe than sorry, and if you spend all your cash you need to have something to fall back on. But you can quite easily find yourself in a major world city and discover that you lack the most essential thing necessary for your stay abroad. Your wallet, containing all your documents and cards, just isn´t where you put it before your departure. What to do now?

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If you are an HSBC Premier client, your bank will help you, practically anywhere all over the world. Stay calm and head for the nearest branch. If you get into difficulties, for instance in Bali, you will only be a stone´s throw away from the nearest branch. A VIP lounge can be found directly at the airport. When you are identified from an English-speaking banker, your credit cards will be immediately stop listed and temporary cards will be issued, usually by the following day, depending on your location. The bank will also give you the cash equivalent of 2,000 American dollars in the local currency. Despite dealing with all these unpleasant matters you will be cheered by the friendly atmosphere in all our bank´s branches, which provide the maximum of comfort and meet the highest standards. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, read newspapers, watch the latest news or connect to the Internet.

If there isn´t an HSBC Bank branch in your location, you can use the MasterCard cash service in an emergency through global MasterCard or Western Union networks. You will, as a matter of course, be put through to the Premier customer department in the Czech Republic and all necessary matters will be discussed with you in your mother tongue. It´s important to demand good services abroad too. Your bank will always take care of you in an emergency!

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