Expats.cz Angel Tree 2009

Expats.cz Angel Tree 2009

Please see this article for more information on donating a present through the Expats.cz Giving Group, and where you can drop off your gifts.

If you’d like to purchase a gift or sponsor a child, please send an email to veronika@expats.cz so we can update the forms below.

Expats.cz Angel Tree 2009 – Wish Lists

Children’s Home Nechanice

NameAgeChristmas WishAngel Found?
JOSEF H.17Sport shoes size 42, track suit XL 
IVANA N.12Sport shoes size 37,  track suit 140        
MONIKA N.9Sport shoes size 32,  track suit 140 
MICHAL N.10Sport shoes size 36,  track suit 140 
ROBERT M.18Sport shoes size 44,  track suit XXL 
TEREZKA S.5Sport shoes size 29,  track suit 128 
KATKA S.10Sport shoes size 35,  track suit 140 
MARTIN S.Sport shoes size 33,  track suit 140 
JAN R.13 Sport shoes size 43,  track suit L 
JAN H.16 Sport shoes size 41,  track suit L 
JOSEF Š.16 Sport shoes size 42,  track suit L 
JIRKA N.13 Sport shoes size 41,  track suit S 
PATRIK B.14 Sport shoes size 43,  track suit L 
VLASTA Š.18Sport shoes size 43,  track suit L 
ZDENĚK P.17 Sport shoes size 42,  track suit L 
SÁRA S.16 Sport shoes size 39,  track suit L 
BERTA D.Sport shoes size 33,  track suit 140 
JANA J.11Sport shoes size 36,  track suit 158 
JENIFER B.15Sport shoes size 38,  track suit M 
MICHAL T.9Sport shoes size 35,  track suit 140 
PATRIK T.7Sport shoes size 33,  track suit 140 
ANDREA T.5Sport shoes size 31,  track suit 128 

= gifts have been sponsored!



Children home Zruč nad Sázavou

The main goal is to improve children´s comfort in their bedrooms and play and living areas.

Desired equipment contains the following:

Gifts# Requested# Found
Bed-clothes – for cushions and blankets, happy or funny motives are welcomed for small children6 pcs for children up to 5 years 2 x
Bed-clothes – for cushions and blankets23 pcs for children from 6 up to 18 years 2 x
Towels6 pcs for children up to 5 years 2 x
Towels23 pcs for children from 6 up to 18 years 
Football balls5 pcs 5 x              
Football balls3 pcs for children up to 5 years – it is important to buy light ball especially made for this age category! 3 x
Volleyball balls3 pcs 3 x
Light balls for small children10 pcs10 x
Play balls for older children for common ball games10 pcs 
Foam seats (http://www.molitanovysvet.cz/, or http://www.molitanky.cz/)5 pcs 
Foam rest beds (viz above)5 pcs 
Foam building blocks or platy boxes2 pcs 

= gifts have been sponsored!



Children´s home Charlotty Masarykové, Prague 5

List of presents that children would like to receive under their Christmas tree:

NameAgeChristmas WishAngel Found?
Nikolka L.7Track suit size 135 (girl)
Doll; sweater
Matyáš P.5Sweatshirt size 140 (boy)
Lukáš V.6Police car
Training or sweat suit size 135 (boy)
David F.5Pyjamas size 128 (boy)
Car – Bus
Miroslava L.2Barbie
Pyjamas size 100 (girl)
Marek M.7Training or sweat suit size 128 (boy)
Solders or a train
Alexandra S.5Pyjamas size 140 (girl)
Lukáš K.7Helicopter with remote control
Adriana H.3Medical suitcase for doctors or nurses
Dress size 110 (girl)
Marek K.4Garage for cars
Winter jacket size 115 (boy)
Jan K.4Cars producing sounds
Winter jacket size 125 (boy)
Jaroušek K.3Magnetic fishing rod 
Winter jacket size 105 (boy)
Terezka J.5Pots and pans
Bobby pins or hairgrips
Dress size 125 (girl)
Adam B.5Firemen car
Training or sweat suit size 125 (boy)
Patrik B.6Firemen car
Slippers size 30 (boy)
Evička J.4Dress size 115 (girl)
Doll-house toys or furniture
Michal K.1Police car
Training or sweat pants size 100 (boy)
Dominik K.1Ambulance car
Pyjamas size 100 (boy)
Věrka J.3Doll bed
Pants for play time size 100 (girl)
Natálie B.2Doll that blinks
Pyjamas size 110 (girl)
Tomáš M.5Pyjamas size 120 (boy)
Building or construction blocks

= child has been sponsored! 

Children´s home also welcomes common hygiene needs and equipment that will assist children when learning and playing, such as:

Gift# Found  
Children shampoo50x
Soaps or shower gels for kids   50x
After bath creams or oils20x
Play-doh5 x 
Quarto papers  
Water colours20x

= gifts have been sponsored!

Please note, it is our best interest to give as many products as we can so the home has certain products in advance.



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