Flogging Molly

Playing at Klub 007 Strahov on June 22


Written by Expats.cz
Published on 21.07.2006 13:47 (updated on 21.07.2006)

Written by Nina Bressler
for Provokator.org

Time to break out those kilts and fiddles, Flogging Molly, the Los Angeles based Irish-punk outfit is rolling through town for a night full of music, dancing and debauchery at everyone´s favorite haunt – Klub 007 in Strahov. (www.klub007strahov.cz)

Flogging Molly holds a special place among those bands labeled as bastard children of The “Legendary” Pogues (and believe me, in recent years there have been many such outfits surfacing). Their Dublin born singer David King brings a sense of authenticity to a style of music that even though attractive to pogo-ers the world throughout, has only just now begun to gain steam and respect in the mainstream, by no means an easy feat to accomplish. It is a lot more than their superb talent that has gotten them this far – it has also been years of hard work

The last time I saw Flogging Molly was about 6 years ago when they were just starting out as a touring band and rolled through Boston. After playing a disappointing gig booked for them at a club downtown, they invaded a dive-bar on the other side of the river to play for the Cambridge townies, punks and skins who were too busy drinking to “make it” to their show. With the drum kit practically in the men´s room, the Cambridgeport Saloon had a roomful of revelers rejoicing in what their self-induced haze had them believing to be the reincarnation of The Pogues in all their glory.


Roman Handyman

Roman Handyman

He's the only handyman I call now

Six years on, Flogging Molly is now a band welcomed with open arms and jubilant crowds reveling in the sound and energy they exude everywhere they go.  Despite their popularity some things haven´t changed a bit, they are still a band who caters to the tastes of drinkers, those with a soft spot for ´77 punk, and lovers of Irish culture and music. 

This is a call to arms – make Flogging Molly´s first trip to Prague one to remember by showing them that Prague can also dance, drink and sing like the best of them!