Health Food Festival 2009

Tasty health food in Prague restaurants throughout May

Health Food Festival 2009

Tasty Health Food is Back!
Restaurants chefs prep food that makes you happy and perform!

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The Health Food Festival was introduced last year as a parallel event to the Prague International Marathon. In our strive to focus the attention on health food enabling ones performances and to show that health food can also be tasty, we bring you the second version of the Health Food Festival. Featuring this year, more restaurants, some very special and honorable guests participating on the conferencing stage, it promises to be yet another success.
In current days everybody is exploring the way to a new balance in life. The search goes spiritual and physical. Being fit creates a spiritual balance, and feeling fit comes from a healthy life style. Food is our energy, and if we energize ourselves up with food, good for our body, our body will be able to perform. Performance in sports and in daily life is giving satisfaction and the spiritual balance we´re looking for.

Let this festival also make you, your friends, family and community realize that to reach we can also do while enjoying! Health food is not about green leaves, dry beans and soy alone. It is about the food being grown organic, so that the natural origin is not influenced by any unnatural substances. It is about preparing the food in a way that all used attributes and ingredients keep their nutrition value and don´t become harmful. It is about combining the food in a way that one ingredient doesn´t rule out the value of the other one and it is about the environment being friendly to ones mind.

Participating chefs and restaurants will highlight some of their healthy dishes, showing that healthy food is also very tasty, giving all of us new ideas and inspiration! This year the festival in the restaurants will run from 07-05-2009 until the end of the month of May 2009. The created menus correspond to all rules set by our festivals nutritionist, Luca Speciani.

Besides being a first class athlete, Mr. Speciani is a studied nutritionist, works for the Italian Athletic Federation and has been speaking on a congress in Prague already about obesity at December, end last year. Luca Speciani is one of the speakers performing in the conference area at the Prague Marathon expo. Subjects on the program (spoken in English and Czech) for the conference are:

Friday 08-05, 12:30: Diet for sportswomen and men, before, during and after the race / Dr. Luca Speciani
Friday 08-05, 17:45: Loosing weight in an intelligent way: DietaGift / Dr. Luca Speciani
Saturday 09-05, 10:30: Improved endurance of athletes through nutrition and supplementation / Ing. Ivan Mach, CSc. (Pharma Nord Academy)

All the 12.000 participating runners (and rollers) in the full marathon as well as the fun runs and in-line events will receive a special discount coupon brochures for all participating restaurants. A special promotion team will be available during the marathon expo at the Vystaviste fair grounds and during the Sunday races in the Prague centre to hand out some more coupon booklets for those interested in the festival. Bike delivery service company Messenger, might just be giving their clients their lucky day, getting one of the 2.000 extra discount coupon flyers being delivered to them after having made an order.

We invite you all to join up and strive for a healthy and performing life.

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