Heaven Shall Burn

German metal titans play Rock Café 8.4.08

Rock Café 8.4.08

After four highly acclaimed releases, German metal titans HEAVEN SHALL BURN have returned with Iconoclast (Part1: The Final Resistance), a scathing and pummeling assault that bludgeons the listener with sheer intensity. The album was recorded and produced once again at Rape Of Harmonies Studios by guitarists Maik Weichert and Alexander Dietz with the renowned Tue Madsen (Himsa, The Haunted) handling the mixing and mastering duties.

Maik Weichert (guitars) states: “Iconoclasts are warriors who are sent to judge and destroy the murderers of God. With God dead, the only thing that´s left is to take revenge for his murder. The album works on two different levels: each song tells a story that is rooted in reality. However, all songs are linked with an overall story about a cast of warriors called Iconoclasts.”

HEAVEN SHALL BURN solidified their stronghold on the genre upon signing to Century Media in 2004 with the release of Antigone, which was their first offering to garner worldwide acclaim. The album further showcased the band´s melodic tendencies with the inclusion of more harmonies while increasing their scathing, brutal edge. Their socially aware and politically committed attitude remained prominent as they continued to forge a new exciting position within the scene.

The group were one of the first to ultimately shatter the boundaries that stood between the death metal and hardcore genres. Now they have triumphantly returned with Iconoclast (Part1: The Final Resistance), a stunning portrayal of unabashed aggression and musical technicality that will quickly catch the attention of any extreme music fan. With this effort the dynamic quintet have undoubtedly proved once again that they are taking metal in a new direction that knows no limitations.

HEAVEN SHALL BURN plays with the utmost sincerity and urgency, touching upon topics concerning people´s behavior towards the disabled, veganism, war and racism. The combination of melodic death metal and crushing metalcore has never been delivered with such conviction.
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www.heavenshallburn.com, www.goremageddon.be, www.miseryspeaks.com, www.obscure.cz, www.shindy.cz

More info via e-mail infoassault@centrum.cz or hot line 774220183 and 775095666.

Tuesday 08.04. 2008
Club: Rock Café
Address: Národní 20, Praha 1 (www.rockcafe.cz)

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