Holiday Cards by Neverland

Purchase cards & give to Helping Hand

Holiday Cards
Created by Neverland Art Preschool

Now is the time to preorder your holiday cards, created by each class at Neverland. Samples of each card can be seen at the school office.

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The Neverland Art Preschool Holiday Greeting´s cards project is designed each year to raise money for the Helping Hand-helping children in need in the Czech Republic. (

Each lovely card is printed on high quality cardstock, with the classroom´s artwork on the front, and the list of the students who helped create the artwork on the back!

Each card costs 40 kc.

*Please give your forms with your payment in an envelope to our office manager by the 4th of December

*All cards will be ready with an envelope Tuesday the 8th of  December.

Nad Habrovkou 3, 164 00, Prague 6, phone: +420-296 392 348

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