Indian Jewel

Indian Jewel

Newly opened Indian Jewel fuses traditional Mughlai cuisine with an ancient setting for a dining experience that is both satisfying to the palate and the eye. Located at Týn 6 in the heart of the Old Town, diners can enjoy a meal in the restaurant´s garden seating area, an ample space made up of solid tables and ornate carved chairs, while experiencing the bustle of Ungelt Court, once a site of international commerce (10th-18th centuries), now the perfect spot for relaxing with friends or family.

The restaurant, which has drawn curious crowds since opening in April 2009, offers not only summer-weather appeal but Chef Devinder Sharma Pandit´s 20 years of culinary expertise, ranging from five-star hotels to top restaurants in India, Thailand, Europe, and Australia. Devinder will delight you at the “live” tandoor oven situated at the restaurant´s entrance, as he prepares an assortment of flatbreads and tikkas to order – and for an audience. The menu showcases tandoor-cooked favorites, meats marinated in a mildly spiced yogurt mixture, best eaten with bread and black lentils as well as exotic curries.

Other menu highlights include chick-pea battered vegetable pakoras, savory kebabs, and fragrant basmati rice-based biryanis. Vegetarian options include saag paneer, a homemade cheese dish, and aloo gobhi served from decorative dinnerware in ample portions. All pair well with crispy slices of naan and other mixed breads, which arrive upright in ornate baskets. Freshly brewed lassis, mango-flavored Indian ice cream (kulfi), and saffron-kissed rice pudding are a sweet finish.

Also of note are the specialty Indian beers and wine list. A bottle of Cobra, a light lager, complements the spicy fare, as does the crisp white Indian Chardonnay. Indian Jewel sells a wide range of top-shelf spirits, imported wines, and Czech beer at affordable prices given its prime, Prague 1 location.

A pre-fixed dinner menu is available daily, starting at 17:00. Three courses, including soup of the day, entree, and dessert are included in the 299 CZK price. Rice and bread accompany a choice of main dishes – often considered extras at other places throughout the city. A lunch special (179 CZK) is another draw. Try black lentils cooked with cream and homemade butter over basmati rice as well as soup and dessert. Indian Jewel is open for lunch daily at 11:00.

The interior of the 56-seat restaurant makes the ideal space for a romantic dinner or cozy lunch. Built in 1482, the baroque facade will invite you in while the exquisite decor, inlaid with Indian jewelry, alongside hand-carved white marble accents and woodwork and traditional art, will keep you there. Owner Sanjeev Wadehra has plans for upcoming special events. Until then he invites you along on a culinary passage to India, in the ancient center of Prague.

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