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How to improve your performance and communicate effectively


About this program

The Intensive Coach Training Program is designed to give participants cutting-edge coaching skills, provide practical, useful tools and resources for improving other people´s thinking and performance. The models at the core of the program draw on the hard science of how the brain works.

It is designed to equip participants with a solid theoretical foundation but, perhaps even more importantly, practical coaching and communication tools that can be put into practice immediately after training.

Who is this program aimed at:

This course is one of the coaching world´s most respected and intensive training experiences:
· for managers and HR professionals wishing to enhance their leadership and coaching skills and
· for those who are interested in making a career change, building an additional revenue stream as a professional coach, or learning to coach others inside their organization,.

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Previous participants have found the techniques useful for such scenarios as enhancing performance management, improving the effectiveness of meetings, building strong working relationships, focusing effort on clearly defined goals, improving communication skills creating motivation.’

Benefits for participants attending this program:

  • Learn to facilitate ongoing positive change
  • Experiential training with practical coaching skills that can be used immediately
  • A proven coaching structure for unlocking people´s potential
  • Skills for having tough conversations
  • An ability to have shorter conversations with more impact
  • New ways to manage priorities, worry less about details, and feel less overwhelmed
  • Improved relationships with direct reports, peers, and supervisors
  • Internationally recognized certification of your coaching skills
  • Ongoing free mentoring after initial training is complete
  • Access to a variety of additional business tools and support services post training

Program is accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF)

· RCS offers an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program covering all ICF Coaching Core Competencies
· completing ICT program you get 36 specific coach training hours for meeting requirements for your own credential from the ICF

Course Overview

Coaching Communication Skills

In the first part of the program, you´ll explore some of the origins of coaching, looking specifically at contemporary neuroscience and its implications on coaching and facilitating change. You´ll then move in to developing key coaching communication skills that will transform the way you communicate. Topics include:

· Think about thinking
· Listen for potential
· Speak with intent
· The Results Coaching Model
· The Dance of Insight
· CREATE new thinking
· Follow up with FEELING

The Processes of Coaching

Once you have learned how to communicate like a coach, you´ll move in to applying these new skills to key coaching processes. Topics include how to:
· Set powerful goals with your clients

· Establish a coaching relationship and building trust
· Develop strategies for success
· Get your clients into action
· Manage coaching sessions
· Manage progress and accountability
· Generate insights
· Work with habits
· Operate as a coach

Live Learning

By the fourth teleclass, you will have learnt how to communicate like a coach within the Results coaching framework so that you can start working with clients outside of class. This is an integral part of the learning experience.

In this program you´ll also complete one coaching observed session assignment and one live assessment with a qualified Results Assessor. Both these exercises will give you a solid understanding of your progress in the course and will build your confidence as a coach.

What you get

· A coaching methodology that helps your clients and direct reports achieve change in the minimum time
· World-class coach training and trainers
· Results Certificate of Coaching Skills (upon successful completion of all elements of the program)
· 5 days intensive workshop (3 days at the beginning /22nd, 23rd and 24th of April/ and 2 day at the end /11th and 12th of June/)
· Lunch and snacks provided for live training days in
· 6 x 1.5 hour teleclasses (by Thursdays from the 29th of April)
· Feedback on your coaching skills from internationally trained assessors
· A live coaching assessment with a Results Assessor
· 600 pages manual
· David Rock´s book “Quiet Leadership”
· Free ongoing mentoring for life
· Access to our online coach only Resources section
· Access to dedicated online resource with free downloads of sample client agreements, coaching paperwork, etc
· Membership of a worldwide community of nearly 4,000 Results coaches
· Opportunities to network with other Results coaches in your region
· Downloadable additional training workshops 


My journey to become a coach began as a Marketing Manager for a global beverage manufacturer. I was very well paid, quite overworked and for the most part, I loved what I was doing in my role that involved building brands and my team of brand managers. But there was something missing.

The fire in my belly I get when I am engaged in something I truly love doing had tapered down to a gentle simmer of embers. I felt like I could be giving, learning and receiving more.

After speaking with a Results Coach and understanding the real value of the training Results offer, I enrolled in the ICT and I have never looked back. Once I was exposed to the tools and framework shared in the ICT, I became aware how acutely important and useful they were in both a business and wider life sense.

I took up the challenge given to the class by our trainers to start coaching straight away. This was instrumental in consolidating the learning and building confidence and experience as a coach! I continued to coach clients every spare minute I had outside of my full time job and made the decision to leave and pursue my own business full time.

After 3 months of resigning I had a full practice. Despite the dedication, focus and confidence I used, the experience was made all the richer by the support of a number of the more experienced coaches within the Results community.

Results Coaching offers outstanding trainers and an excellent coaching framework, dedicated mentors and fosters a growing and supportive community of coaches around the world.

Belinda Cordina
Results Certified Coach

Feedback from previous students

What I really liked about the course was the perfect balance struck between offering a structured coaching methodology and a more intuitive approach driving at clients’ insights
Clara Seeger, Certified Coach 

‘To think that I almost didn’t sign up for the course… what was I thinking of? ! When I think of your course, these words spring to mind – high levels of quality, integrity and authenticity. Truly inspiring.’ 
Sarb Chowdry, Certified Coach

I conducted a complimentary session today, with my first director level client.
My client was delighted with the coaching outcome.  Thank you “Results” for your excellent training. The hard work and investment has really paid off!
Beverley Anderson, Uncertified Coach

I’m very proud to be a Results coach, and I think others are too – I’ve noticed that whereas other coaches don’t talk about their training school unless asked, Results coaches are most likely to introduce themselves as a “Results” coach. That’s an achievement.
Cally Robson, Certified Coach

“We covered an amazing amount in a relatively short time.  So time management and design of the course were excellent.  Compressed a lot of learning & growth in short time.”
New York ICT Participant

“The course was excellent – my expectations were exceeded. Free ongoing mentoring is a real plus. The fact that inside three months students are actively coaching underpins the power and quality of Results Coaching.”
Sydney ICT Participant

“The Intensive Coach Training Program by RCS is the best training I have come across in my 22 year career. The program has given a different dimension to my professional life.”
Bangalore ICT Participant

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