La Provence unveils a new lunch menu

La Provence unveils a new lunch menu

La Provence Restaurant
unveils a new lunch menu

La Provence is located in the heart of Praha on the quiet and shop laden Stupartska Street.

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This French Mecca of a restaurant actually has two amazing restaurants under one roof. Upstairs is a Parisian Brasserie and downstairs is the restaurant in the classic provincial style with plenty of cushions and pillows to relax upon. The décor is an early 20th Century Art Nouveau style. Specifically it is filled original French goods and decorations from the Provence area. The mirrored walls upstairs in the fully stocked bar, are actually detailed with sand blasted carvings, a rarity in Praha. The bowls, plates, dishes are also from France and are inlaid with lovely designs, inlays and decorations.

La Provence restaurant has rolled out a new lunch menu. The menu (see attached) offers soups, salads, fish, French meat and vegetarian meals and unforgettable desserts all for very attractive prices. The seafood is fresh and lobsters are flown in every single day.

The restaurant has a very extensive wine list with over 100 types from France alone. Pick some tempting choices from the menu (Owner Nils Jebens, from Norway, had a couple of very cute nieces who seemed delighted at their hamburgers and French fries so little ones can be attended to as well).

The restaurant is flexible enough to cater to your time needs. For a quick business meal, one can be in and out in 45minutes. If one prefers a more leisurely lunch, the staff is prepared and able to let you enjoy a 2+ hour meal, the classic way of French dining.

Restaurant Manager Martin Hofman, has 10 years of international restaurant experience. He would love to take time to chat with you about the restaurant, the building and even things to do and places to see in Praha. He recommends the seafood platters from the menu, available all year around, and for those cold days, a wonderful warming French Onion soup. He prides himself on the special feeling and atmosphere of the restaurant and the professionalism of the staff which results in loyal customers.

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The restaurant has space to seat 70 upstairs, and 140 downstairs. Private parties are welcome. Live piano player downstairs and music is played over a rather quiet speaker system which allows one to enjoy a conversation without straining to hear a colleague or guest.

Excellent ventilation for non-smokers and a specific non-smokers room is available downstairs.

“Attention to detail is clearly the strength of our establishment” says Hofman.

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