New Camper Technologies

New Camper Technologies


Three lines, three concepts, three technological advances to make walking around the world easier, Camper style.

360º Stitching

Camper present Brothers Impala to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Brothers concept. This shoes feature 360º Stitching that provides greater flexibility and adapts to each movement, reducing need for glue. Its „ideal“ construction is the same that is used by traditional cobblers – the handcrafted method, the more human approach to the product resulting in bette resistance and durability.

They have an anatomical insole with a waist that makes walking mor comfortable while providing added height and a lighter step. A style woth comfort, functionality and design all rolled into one. Less glue, fewer elements…much more resistant.



Pelotas Xlie is a camper classic that has been revamped with new, cutting edge technological features. This ultra-weight shoes meets all the requirements of resistance, grip and durability of a Camper shoes.

Its ultra-weight sole absorb impact while providing resistance and durability. The insole, made of a material that combines two components, positions the foot correctly and prevents unpleasant odours.

Pelotas are ready to hit the streets again – an iconic Camper mdoel redesigned for today‘s world and more and more discerning customers who want to feel lighter than before.

The new waterproof lines by Camper – Sirimiri and Piyei / boasts a series of technical features that make it possible to walk in the rain, step into any kind of puddle and come out just as we went in: DRY.

Sirimiri for the guys and Piyei for the girls, two new footwear lines with soft, waterpfor leathers and an anti/skid sole for cushioned, durable wear…no more slipping on the wet pavement.

These shoes have a layer of thermal insulation between the lining and the leather that keeps foot temeprature constant. Slipping these shoes on is a cinch when time is of essence, thanks to their elastic laces or the large frontal elastic band in Piyei.

Waterproof, so that you can enjoy the rainy days as much or even more than sunny days.

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