New Prague Wanderer

The student e-zine launches a new issue

Written by Paulina Bucko and Dene-Hern Chen

Expats on Czech elections, Czechs on U.S. elections and everything you ever wanted to know about mushrooms but were afraid to ask

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Czechs are obsessed with U.S. Elections thanks to the war in Iraq,  a planned missile defense site in their country and impending visa-free travel to the U.S. But Yanks, they don’t even know who is in Prague Castle.

So says the newest issue of The Prague Wanderer, one of Europe’s only English-language college Webzine, put out by students at New York University in Prague. []  Their irreverent views on Czech life will put a bit of laughter into your day, and if not, well you can write comments to make the students improve!

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Read The Prague Wanderer to discover the surprising plenitude of mushroom picking sites within Prague City limits, complete with photos to help you identify the good from the poisonous. Learn the do’s and don’ts of tourist behavior: Is it okay to  start sentences in Czech and finish them in English? Take a trip back forty years to ponder love, death and the Cold War’s greatest murder mystery with a Communist-era police detective.

The latest words of wisdom on climate change by Czech President Vaclav Klaus are a regular must-read feature.  And please tell us whether the statues on the Charles Bridge should be moved to a museum! Check out a review of a concert by Gulo Car, the latest Gypsy funk sensation.  And our very own foodie attempts to answer the question, what exactly is Czech cuisine with a continental spin?

The Prague Wanderer a looks forward to your feedback. Happy Wandering!

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