One World 2011 lays down a challenge

International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

This year, the 13th annual One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, which is being held in Prague from 8 to 17 March, is appealing to audiences with the slogan “Your Energy Is Needed Elsewhere!

With the festival motto, we want to draw people´s attention to the amount of time we all spend on unnecessary activities,” says festival director Hana Kulhánková. “At the same time all we have to do is take an interest in what is going on around us and to use our more of energy to make things better.” Kulhanková adds that the subject of civic activism will permeate all of this year´s programme categories. Principal themes of this year´s event include the thorny issue of corruption and the very topical subject of senior citizens´ lives. As is now traditional, the festival will also present films dealing with environmental and gender-related themes. After the event in Prague, selected films will also be shown in 34 regional towns and cities.

This year, One World wants to inspire festivalgoers to adopt an active approach, not just with films, but also with interactive tasks. These will be prepared at individual cinemas and they will enable audience members to try out something for themselves and to learn from this experience. “We would like to emphasise how much people can achieve,” says the main coordinator of accompanying events Iva Bartošová. “They can even do this with small activities in civil society, for example”.

The slogan Your Energy Is Needed Elsewhere! will accompany this year´s One World event on the festival poster and in its trailer. The people behind this concept are the artist Pauline Kerleroux and the directors of the award-winning documentaries A Town Called Hermitage and Coal in the Soul Martin Dušek and Ondřej Provazník. They are also responsible for this year´s festival trailer. Other well known names took part in making it, including people like the musical composer Ondřej Anděra (who wrote the theme song for the film Walking Too Fast and is also the front man of the group WWW), the choreographer with the Forman Brothers Theatre Veronika Švábová, and the actress Kristýna Liška Boková, who recently won a Czech Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Identity Card (Občanský průkaz).

You can find more detailed information about this year´s One World festival, including the poster, at our completely new website

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