Prague Wanderer 3.09

Sausages, strip clubs and Red Bull travel in the student e-zine's latest edition

No matter how many times you´ve been to Wenceslas Square, you´ve never seen this side of it.  And when you have had enough of the sausages and strip club fliers, maybe you will want to emulate the three crazy American students who got from Budapest to Paris using only Red Bull.   

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Find out about the sausages, strip clubs and Red Bull travel in the latest issue of The Prague Wanderer

Prague is a haven for recovering drug addicts.  Surprised?  Learn about the controversial addiction cure, Ibogaine, in The Prague Wanderer’s special investigative report!  Confused about Czech politics?  We help you sort out the role of the Czech Republic and the European Union in the Middle East in our new issue. 

The Prague Wanderer, the world’s first and only study-abroad Webzine, is filled with the humorous and occasionally befuddled insights of students at New York University in Prague. The Prague Wanderer tackles every taboo, from hard news pieces to cheeky discussions of European culture: there is something for everyone.  

The top ten crazy ideas Americans have about the Czech Republic is sure to make you laugh, even as you gauge whether they´re true or not.  If this makes you nostalgic for a bit of home, read about the English-language theater in Prague and then go check it out!   

Learn the hottest trends in Roma music and get it on with the hot phenomenon of Czech hip-hop from the eyes of the young Czechs that live and breathe it.   

Looking for places to dazzle your date?  Show her your romantic side (and Prague´s) with a boat cruise or a romantic park picnic.  But what if your date wants the best goulash in Prague?  Do you know where to get it?  Learn these answers and more in our brand-new issue

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