Shoot Your Mouth no. 2

Open-mic with a comedic twist - October 18th

You came, you laughed – now is your chance to do it all again!  Register now for Shoot Your Mouth no. 2.

Shoot Your Mouth is open-mic with a comedic twist. 

The first ever Shoot Your Mouth event took place in September 2009, check out the best of from that night: Shoot Your Mouth – Get Inspired

Building on the success of the first ever Shoot Your Mouth, the organizers aim to make it a regular fixture on the Prague scene.  The 2nd Shoot Your Mouth will take place on Sunday October 18th at the Brick Bar.  

This is your last chance in 2009 to come Shoot Your Mouth off, Shoot Your Mouth no. 3 is planned for February 2010.

What is Shoot Your Mouth?
The premise is pretty simple; you register, you show-up, and you have free rein to let loose with whatever comedic mayhem you can come up with on stage.  That means you can do stand-up comedy, tell a story, perform a skit, read poetry, sing a dirty song, or get creative…

As the night goes on the audience votes for their favorite, and the act with the most votes wins a BIG prize!!! And they can go home knowing they´re the funniest thing Prague has going.


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Just two:
No notes
No scripts

Props, instruments, costumes: those are all welcome!

Even though Shoot Your Mouth sounds like a free for all, it isn´t.  Acts are asked to register ahead of time on the Shoot Your Mouth website.
Performer spots will also be available on the night of the event, on a limited basis, subject to availability.

Schedule & directions:


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