Vodafone Special Offer: 50% off for Turbo Internet

Join more than 50,000 customers of Turbo internet, now covering more than 50% of Czech Republic

Fast mobile data is what it´s all about. As more and more consumers need to be online at any place at any time, the capacity and coverage of current networks become less and less sufficient. 

The Turbo internet signal will cover most of the country in 2014; see the map or web pages in English at www.vodafone.cz/en/turbo/. Along with the fast mobile Internet in the current 3G networks, Vodafone´s customers have access to mobile Internet at any place, at any time. Simply speaking, they have Turbo Internet, which is the name of the fast speed data transmission service offered by Vodafone.

Turbo Internet Coverage in the Czech Republic
Turbo Internet Coverage in the Czech Republic

The unique Mobile Connection Turbo tariff offers unlimited surfing so that you can enjoy the best on your notebook or tablet. After hitting the 20 GB data allowance, sharing of large files using, for example, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or Skydrive, and streaming via YouTube, Stream.cz and online radios, slow down to the speed of 64 Kb per second. All other Internet services such as web browsing, sending emails, Facebook, playing online games and Skype remains unlimited. The promotion price is CZK 499. This tariff is a time-limited offer until 30th April.

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Vodafone´s customers will pay only CZK 259 for smaller bundle (4 GB) and CZK 499 for the larger one. The offer is conditioned by 24-month contract and minimum monthly spending CZK 249 crowns, which is the price of the basic Start tariff. If necessary, customers may acquire also data modems for a great price (CZK 77) to the data tariff.

Along with the Turbo Internet, Vodafone has prepared interesting advantages for its customers so that they may entirely enjoy the mobile Internet. When they buy a new smartphone or tablet supporting LTE 900 MHz, Vodafone has prepared for customers with minimal monthly spending of CZK 690 a discount CZK 2,000 on the end price of the device. It is an interesting discount, even more when the device can be bought on instalments. There is one condition: a 24-month contract and minimum monthly spending for the services. Vodafone offers a broad range of smartphones and tablets that support the new Turbo Internet. Customers may find other discounts on smartphones and tablets in Vodafone e-shop.

The bonus that Vodafone provides to its customers in connection with the fast Turbo Internet is a discount on the data SIM card. Thanks to this, customers can connect not only their smartphones but also their tablets or notebooks. This significant fifty-percent discount applies to two data bundles – Mobile Connection Turbo and 4 GB. The former will surely satisfy even the most demanding users.

More information can be found here: www.vodafone.cz/en/turbo/

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