Homeless Winter Fund 2006

Homeless Winter Fund 2006

Dear friends and visitors of Expats.cz,

The winter is particuarly fierce this year and so far 16 people have died from the cold weather, particularly the homeless of Prague.

Expats.cz would like to start the ball rolling this year by donating 5,000 KC to a fund for the homeless community and to support those running the tents in Letna at the moment, which are overflowing with homeless looking for a place to eat, sleep and stay out of this bitter weather.

Nadeje Charity
Helping the homeless of Prague

Donation Account : 316012163
Bank Code : 0300

Whatever you can manage, either corporately or personally will help. Details of how to donate or participate will be posted soon – thank you! Please tell us if you make a donation, so we may add you or your company here – and encourage others to help us reach our target.

Target : 100,000 KC

Personal Donations received:

Jan 25th – Eva Howlings
Jan 25th – Bob Demare
Jan 25th – Anton & Lizette Smit
Jan 25th – The Chu Family
Jan 26th – Maie Crumpton
Jan 26th – Nick Miseur
Jan 27th – Paras Thacker (SkyDigital.cz)
Jan 30th – The Zweep Family
Feb 01st – Joseph Bishop
Feb 02nd – Ena Wiig & Nikolas Kouroumtzis
Feb 03rd – Margaret Rauch
Feb 03rd – Marie & Thomas Zahn

1,000 KC
1,000 KC
2,000 KC
4,000 KC
1,000 KC
1,000 KC
5,000 KC
5,000 KC
1,000 KC
1,000 KC
2,000 KC
1,500 KC

Corporate Donations received:

Jan 25th – Expats.cz
5,000 KC

Total : 30,500 KC

Media Partners
Prague Monitor

Request from Rita Flamini:
I have 9 ladies ready to give blankets and sandwiches to the people at Letna, but I do not speak Czech! Can a Czech <> English speaker, kindly spare us some time so we may find out what the situation is and to give our support – this is the only thing that stands in our way. Please call Rita : 606 487436

From Radio.cz:

Five heated army tents have been erected on Prague’s Letna Plain to give homeless people temporary shelter in the current freezing weather. The cold has already killed 16 people in the Czech Republic. Asylum centres are overflowing and an estimated 100 to 200 people are still out in the cold. The tent-town for the homeless will provide shelter for over 100 people as well as a hot meal for anyone who turns up. It will remain in place for as long
as necessary.

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