A Guide to Prague’s Futuristic Building Projects

The Marshmallow has officially been approved and will begin construction in June; here, a run-down of other proposed sky-line changers
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Czech architect Jan Kaplický’s proposed Czech National Library building, affectionately known as the “the Blob,” may have never been realized, but the late visionary’s neo-futuristic spirit is alive and well in a number of more recent Prague-based building developments.

Here’s a rundown of just a handful of some of the more exciting proposals to make recent headlines (see the interactive map below the text for additional developments; we will continue to update): 

The Marshmallow

Visualization: Fránek Architects
Visualization: Fránek Architects

The controversial construction of this Minecraftesque structure in the historical center, dubbed “Maršmeloun” or “Marshmallow Building” for its pinkish hue and soft contours, received a valid building permit this week following years of litigation. Construction is due to commence in June.

The building, designed by Fránek Architects, is intended to be used for residential purposes and will be built on U Milosrdných, close to the Convent of St. Agnes in Prague 1.

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Náplavka Glass Niches

Visualization: Petr Janda
Visualization: Petr Janda

As of last week, Prague councilors have officially approved a proposal to improve the Prague waterfront experience by adding tables, chairs, and toilets to the popluar Rašínovo embankment area. The embankment’s niches and nooks, historically used for timber storage, could also become gallery spaces, cafes, and new public toilets, according to a recent proposal submitted by Petr Janda architects which is currently under consideration by city officials.  

Golden Egg Pavilion

Visualization: Neovisual.cz
Visualization: Neovisual.cz

A pavilion for the permanent display of Alfons Mucha’s 20-panel cycle Slav Epic, currently on tour in Asia, has long been discussed by city officials who have suggested multiple locations for its installation. This one was submitted in January by architect Peter Malinský. The projected cost for the controversial glass oval structure, which has been compared to a “golden donut,” (Malinský says its supposed to look like the sun rising over the Vltava) is 184 million CZK. Building plans have not yet been confirmed.

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The Prague Wheel

Visualization: Prague 5
Visualization: Prague 5

The banks of Smíchovské nábřeží, across the Vltava from popular summer hangout Náplavka, which has seen a rise in cultural exposure in recent years thanks to popular establishments like Jazz Dock and the summer cinema Výletní kino Smíchov, could see a riverfront ferris wheel similar to those found in Paris, Vienna, and London. The project, which was approved by city officials last year, is now in the hands of a private construction company. Updates can be found via Prague 5’s official website.

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