5 Prague Food Trends that Make Us Insanely Hungry

Donuts are suddenly everywhere and people are obsessed with eating food in ball form and on a stick

If you’ve been paying attention to the Prague food scene lately, you may have noticed that a number of street-food vendors are opening brick-and-mortar shops, while restaurants specializing in a single food (Brixton Balls being an early pioneer) are on the rise.

And in case you missed it, Žižkov is the new donut-and-other-deep-fried-foods epicenter of the entire Czech Republic!

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Here are five new Prague food trends to try right now:


Photo: Pelmeňárna / Facebook
Photo: Pelmeňárna / Facebook

Pelmeni are stuffed Russian dumplings (also called vareniky). Prague recently saw the opening of its first pelmeni take-away counter, Pelmeňárna, a small but cozy space on Štěpánská street. 

The bite-sized doughy pockets sold here are filled with lamb, chicken, turkey, salmon, or, the house speciality, a mix of beef and pork known as the Siberian.

Vegetarians will appreciate the potato-and-onion-filled or mushroom; sweet pelmeni like cherry or apricot-and-cheese are perfect for dessert. While you’re there try a fermented kvas, drink.

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Photo: Croq-n-Roll / Facebook
Photo: Croq-n-Roll / Facebook

With a name like Croq-n-Roll, how could you not visit this newly opened Žižkov “croquetterie” specializing in a luxurious upgrade of the humble fried potato ball?

Available in countless combinations including cheddar, salmon, or Spanish ham, and with numerous dipping sauces to choose from, an order is a full meal presented in an Etsy-worthy container.

If you prefer your croquettes on the side, however, bacon cheeseburgers are also on the menu with Mexican churros for dessert.


Photo: Twitter @wafwafofficial
Photo: Twitter @wafwafofficial

Due to open on April 8, the questionably named Waf-Waf will specialize in a menu of oversized waffles and pancakes, promising fillings and presentations the likes of which Prague has never seen.

If their Instagram feed is any indication, expect a half a candy store—and reckless lashings of Nutella—to appear on your custom-made ceramic plate. Will reportedly also serve waffle-cone wraps.

Enjoy your waffles in the kind of high-design space one has come to expect of a Letná dining establishment.

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Photo: Kafe a Koblihy / Facebook
Photo: Kafe a Koblihy / Facebook

Late last year, we reviewed a handful of aspiring donut makers. Since then, Prague’s donuts offerings seem to have doubled with Donuter, once only available by Dáme jídlo delivery and at the Candy Store, opening brick and mortar shops in Zličin and, more recently, on Seifertova. 

Another new and noteworthy donut shop is Kafe a Koblihy (also on Seifertova!) whose luscious donuts, which include a bacon-studded maple, and coffee are a sinful way to start the day.


Photo: Špejle / Facebook
Photo: Špejle / Facebook

Named for the Czech word for “skewers,” Špejle opened earlier this year. Its shtick (pun intended) being that the majority of this chic restaurant’s menu items are served on a stick.

Offerings are divided into three categories: cold, hot, and sweet. Everything from homemade pate to mini pizza slices, little dishes of nibbles and carefully crafted desserts are meant to be eaten with a spear.

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A lengthy drinks list, heavy on the gin-and-tonic selection, gives the whole place the casual air of a cocktail party.

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