Prague On the Cheap: 10 Vegan Fast Food Hot Spots

In honor of this weekend’s Veggie Parade, where to get great vegan food in the Czech capital, fast and cheap

Prague has gone from Velvet to Vegan Revolution in only a few years. The diet has become more than just a passing trend, taking the Czech capital by storm. Check out our carefully compiled (and tasted) list of the best in-and-out fast food places for the vegan on the go.

Puro Bistro

Located in the centre of Vinohrady, this wonderfully efficient in-and-out vegan bistro boasts an international menu with locally sourced ingredients supplied by e-shop – the best online store for all of your vegan needs. On top of their diverse and flavoursome menu, including their mint and mango spaghetti, they also have a rotating daily menu.

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Burrito Loco

This popular Mexican fast food chain is probably no stranger to any of you but what you may not know is that they now have a vegan menu. Burrito Loco is the ultimate comfort and hangover food. The fun doesn’t stop with burritos either. Check out their menu of burgers, tacos, nachos, and much more.

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Sandokan Vegan Bistro

One of the newer vegan bistros in Prague that offers a buffet based on Indian flavours and taste sensations, as well as delicious salads and hot dishes. Located on beautiful Korunní street in Vinohrady, Sandokan gives you the option of either taking away or staying in and just enjoying the charming ambience.

Puro Bistro
Puro Bistro

VeganLand Bistro and Store

This modern and reliable vegan bistro and store chain also has a more-than-adequate range of supplies to keep your fridge and pantry stocked. On top of their delicious hot dishes to choose from, their website (and friendly staff!) can offer lots of tips and recipes for getting the most out of your vegan lifestyle.

Pizza Letná

How can pizza be vegan, right? Despite there being a few good places in Prague for pizza, even vegan pizza. Pizza Letná not only offers vegan cheese, but vegan mozzarella. This place is a gold mine for those who need a side of comfort food for their Netflix and chill.

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Loving Hut

Old faithful Loving Hut has been around for years and boasts a fresh international buffet that is undeniably good. Located in several locations across the Czech capital, including a new shop and bistro in Černá Labuť, it’s easily accessible, quick, and has a great takeaway option.

VeganLand Bistro and Store
VeganLand Bistro and Store


This iconic Žižkov punk pub and restaurant was voted by many to have the best vegan burgers in Prague. It’s the pub that unites all walks of life through food – allow them to convince you that veganism can be a lot tastier than what you’d expect.

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Crème de la Crème Gelato Café

A gorgeous ice-cream café and parlour in the centre of Prague’s Old Town that offers one of a kind vegan ice-cream. Sit in or take out, and make sure that give the pistachio or salty caramel a go. Crème de la Crème will also be out and about in Prague’s summer food festivals so keep an eye out.

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Café Moment

Vinohrady based Café Moment specialises in vegan delicacies and dishes while chilling out in their environmentally friendly atmosphere. There range of soups, salads, burgers and bagels are to die for… and they also offer a diverse breakfast menu.

Café Moment
Café Moment

Pastva Vegan Restaurant and Café

A beautiful sit down restaurant in Smíchov that luckily has a takeaway option so you can try one of their ridiculously massive monster burgers – not for the faint of heart or stomach. Fresh ingredients and a Latin edge make their menu a memorable one.

Check out Veggie Parade in Wencelsas Square and Tiskárna na Vzduchu this Saturday, June 17.

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