A New Open-Air Swimming Pool Debuts In Prague

A New Open-Air Swimming Pool Debuts In Prague

A new-open air swimming pool has opened in Lhotka in Prague 4, a natural biotop surrounded by a green lawn.

The chlorine-free swimming pool was reopened in trial mode on the last day of the school year, according to the Prague 4 website. It has re-opened after a seven-year closure.

We chose the biotope just because its ecological operation does not require chemicals,” said Mayor Petr Štěpánek, adding: “Our environment is already burdened by different chemicals, many people suffer from allergies, so we did not want to build a tiled pool full of chlorinated water.”

Two additional ponds serve as natural water treatment plants. The biotop pool uses only plants, algae and filters for cleaning and to maintain water quality.

The first stage of reconstruction – including improved changing facilities, toilets, and showers, and expanded refreshments options – will be followed by the conversion of the complex, next year, into a multi-purpose space for year-round leisure as well as a sauna that will extend the swimming season into fall.

The deepest point of the living pool is 3 meters. All day admission is 100 CZK for adults; children pay 30 CZK (frequent visitors may also purchase a multi-pass which offers discounted admission).

The swimming area is open from 9 am to 7 pm though hours may be extended during the summer holidays.

Another pool that re-opened this season was Pražačka swimming pool in Žižkov which was met with a wave of public criticism due to the fact that the swimming space was considerably shortened.

Of the originally 25-meter swimming space, only 16.7 meters of the new pool is now available for fitness swimming. 

Prague’s other natural swimming pools include Biotop Radotín. For more swimming options in Prague see here.


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