A Run of a Different Color

The second annual Get Rainbowed run comes to Prague

Need something to brighten up your month? Active sorts looking for something different to do should mark May 23 in your diaries. The 2nd annual Get Rainbowed run is waiting.

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“The idea comes from other similar races held around the world and the Indian festival of Holi,” said Jakub Havlíček, spokesperson for the Rainbow Run. “It’s a celebration of running and fitness.”

The 5 kilometer fun run (Havlíček says running isn’t really even required) will see volunteer color sprayers lined up at every kilometer waiting to rainbow-ize the racers. Those who have seen photos or video of the Hindi festival of Holi already have an idea of what the run will be like. Registered racers also get color packets in their starter kits to spread the love. Havlíček says they are especially encouraging families to come out.

, A Run of a Different Color, Expats.cz Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Expats.cz Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic

“It’s great for kids and parents, an opportunity for them to be together, doing something active,” he said. “We also want to encourage non-runners to come out and enjoy, it doesn’t matter when or how you finish!”

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For those who run regularly, or might be wanting to set goal, the race isn’t timed. Which is also part of its appeal – no pressure. Organizers say they aren’t particularly focused on regular runners, rather active people and families, and those who might be thinking about taking up the sport. “There are lots of timed runs you have to run – just run this one for fun!” Havlíček said.

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2014 was the race’s first year and Havlíček says they had about 1,300 runners and 5,000 spectators. Their goal is 2,000 runners this year and they’ve also branched out to Olomouc.

, A Run of a Different Color, Expats.cz Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Expats.cz Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic

“We wanted to bring it to a different part of the country, and Olomouc is a good location, close to Brno and Ostrava,” Havlíček said. “It’s in the beautiful park by the exhibition center which is another reason we chose it.”

No worries about permanently colored clothing – Havlíček says they are using clothing-safe colors and recommends simply washing them the same day. Or just wear old clothes. For spectators not wanting to be hued, they should be able to remain color-free. The race is held at Nemocnice Bohnice and detailed information on how to get there will be emailed to all registered participants. Following the race there will be a kids zone with activities, a culture program, music and other active stuff happening. Registration costs 500 CZK for adults, 450 CZK if you are part of a team. Kids aged 6-14 are 250 CZK. You’ll need three friends to make a team (minimum number is four racers) but there’s no maximum, so invite everyone you know. All registered racers get a starter pack containing your number, a color packet, sunglasses, bracelet and other surprises. 

“From my point of view, it’s just fun,” Havlíček says. “Don’t stress, forget about life, you don’t even have to run, just be with the family. It’s important for us to have a celebration of life with color.”  

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