Barefoot Walking Trail Now Open In Prague

Barefoot Walking Trail Now Open In Prague

This weekend saw the opening of a unique new walking trail at the Max van der Stoel park in Prague 6, Střešovice.

Sponsored in part by Naboso, a retailer of “free” footwear, the municipality of Prague 6, and other organizations devoted to the barefoot lifestyle, the tactile path encourages park goers to experience its twists and turns sans shoes.

The small, circular trail opened on Saturday with a barefoot day offering a series of naked-footed workshops, games, and activities, including the rare opportunity to walk on glass, to the Prague park.

The tactile trail is made up of a variety of sections filled with different materials (stones, sand, woodchips) for stimulating your arches and toes.

A CZ-ENG sign posted nearby lists the health benefits of barefooting, said to include immunity strengthening and back alignment.

Naboso has an interesting line-up of ongoing summer activities planned here. Follow their Facebook page for updates on barefoot dancing and an upcoming DIY sandals workshop.

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With its popular water playground, the park itself is already a big draw for families throughout the summer months.

Elizabeth Haas

Elizabeth Haas is the editor of She has lived in Prague for 12 years working as a writer and editor of cookbooks and travel guides. Her work has appeared in both Czech and American publications.

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