Concrete Chimney Stacks to Become Climbing Walls

Multiple ventilation shafts across Prague will become workout and relaxation spots for city dwellers

Transforming blighted structures and vacant spaces for the sake of entertainment and art has become one of the more inspired city-planning trends in Prague in recent years.

Now, in an effort to support urban renewal in Prague 6, councilors have voted to give a nine-meters-wide, 24-meters-tall concrete shaft new life as a climbing wall, reports

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The structure, a ventilation duct in Střešovice, was originally due to be covered with vines as part of a winning proposal from an art contest that solicited ideas for re-purposing the tower. But city officials postponed the greenery option in favor of a multi-function climbing tower with lookout point.

Also due for a new look is the Blanka Tunnel airshaft which stands above the royal deer park in Stromovka park in Prague 7. Czech-Argentinian artist Federico Díaz will cover the duct with artificial stone; a playground with exercise and relaxation zones will be built in the surrounding park.

The planned Prague 6 and 7 climbing walls will join several other successful chimney climbing walls in Prague. Among them is FreeSolo, a 35-meter vertical wall that rewards climbers with an expansive view of the city. It was built from a series of concret shafts in 2014 and is located in Prague 11 on Donovalska Street.

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