Congratulations on successfully completing the Volkswagen Prague Marathon!

Blissful feeling of having overcome the marathon distance

The pain of pulled muscles in your feet is slowly starting to fade as your body gradually returns to its former glory. One thing will remain with you for life, however. And what else could we be talking about here other than that blissful feeling of having overcome the marathon distance – without doubt the most difficult of running disciplines out there.

On Sunday 12th May at 9:00 the starting gunshot could be heard for miles around as Mayor of Prague, Bohuslav Svoboda, orchestrated a total of 9 500 runners head off on the course to Smetana’s famous masterpiece, the Vltava. We trust that our training plans offered you more than a helping hand in tackling the 42,195 km long course allowing you to also admire the beautiful historical Prague landscapes encircling you. Thousands of spectators came along too, seduced by the sun and generally lovely weather, though first and foremost by the chance to witness one of the most beautiful races in the world. All of this made for an unforgettable atmosphere.

After undergoing such a challenging feat, make sure to reward your body with a break, giving yourself chance to recuperate now so that you can be back out running again soon. Start numbers for the RunCzech Running League races are selling like hot cakes, so don’t forget to sign up. The Mattoni Karlovy Vary and Olomouc Half Marathon races are already sold out, while just 250 free start numbers are still up for grabs to run the Mattoni České Budějovice Half Marathon.

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