VIDEO: Czech Sport Hall Roof Collapse Captured

Spectators and players in a junior floor ball tournament this weekend narrowly escaped disaster

A Saturday evening floorball game in the Czech city of Česká Třebová ended with a bang after the sport hall’s roof caved in, forcing spectators and athletes alike to flee the building.

An estimated 80 people were in the building, according to Though everyone managed to evacuate the building before the collapse, two minor injuries were reported.

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The cause of the collapse is under investigation, possible explanations include heavy snowfall and poor infrastructure. The designer of the hall is denying that the construction was faulty.

Martin Netolický, Pardubice region governor, wrote in a Facebook post that he vows to personally investigate the issue, adding that should human error be involved the culprits would be punished.

The sports hall had only just opened a few weeks prior to the incident.

Watch the collapse here (3:33):

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