Prague City Councillors Consider Building Ski Slope

The proposed downhill slope would open in Prague 5; read on for tips on where to ski in the city until then

With the anticipated forecast for Prague and most of Europe set at cold and colder, there is no escaping snow—and now news from city hall says that a couple of local politicans are banking on the white stuff in an effort to pass a powdery new plan.

According to iDnes, Prague 5 is currently mulling over the idea of erecting a downhill ski slope in the Motol area of the Czech capital.

The slope would be built on a piece of land adjacent to a camping ground. While the majority of the plot belongs to the city, representatives say they are still working out an agreement with the private land owners who occupy some of the buildings.

The policy makers championing the proposed urban slope are Deputy Mayor Lukas Herold (ODS) and Councillor Pavel Richter (TOP 09), the duo behind the proposed Prague 5 ferris wheel, a deal that is still in the works.

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The Prague ski slope is being met with similar opposition, though so far no agreements on whether or when the attraction will be built have been reached.

Meanwhile another skiing option in Prague does exist—Ski Park Velká Chuchle kicked off its new season this past Friday; the 200m circuit for cross-country enthusiasts is currently open from Monday-Sunday and is free of charge.

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See our full-length article Skis and the City for more details.

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