Ski Schools in the Czech Republic

Ski Schools in the Czech Republic

If this is the year you told yourself you were (finally) going to learn to downhill ski, snowboard or cross-country ski, the time is now! Ski schools in the Czech Republic are thriving, and many of them offer good deals if you´re willing to book in advance.  English speaking instructors are usually available, and all offer kids´ courses, so the whole family can learn. Schools with Ski Packages are the best option: rent ski equipment, have lessons and get a lift ticket for one lump sum. And with many ski schools offering a 5-10 percent discount for booking online, plus a discount for booking in advance, you can get the most out of your ski week. 

Unless you´re up for the package deal, renting a ski or snowboard set closer to home can be cheaper than renting at the mountain. (See the list of Prague ski rentals at the end of this article). Finally, remember the Czech ski season has more than one main season: Pay more for skiing over the Christmas and February holidays, but pay less during the month of January and after February 28th. Prices in this article are valid for the 2009-2010 ski season.

The Krkonoše, ( or Giant Mountains, in Northern Bohemia, are by far the most popular ski destination in the country. With many ski slopes, snowboard ramps and miles of cross-country ski trails, the Krkonoše appeal to sports lovers of all levels. The centrally located slopes of Špindlerův Mlýn, Svatý Petr, Horní Mísečky, Labská, Hromovka and Medvědín are connected by one ski pass, and Ski School Skol Max services the entire area. Skol Max (, 499 433 291)

  • Group Ski and Snowboard Lessons
    1 day 690 CZK, or 2,590 for 5 days, with the 6th day free. 
  • Cross-Country Ski lessons
    Private lessons only: 1 hour lesson for 1 person: 1,350 CZK
    1 hour lesson for 2 people: 1,750 CZK
  • Ski and Snowboard Rental
    Adult 1 day 360 CZK, Kids 1 day 240 CZK, Snowboard 1 day 460 CZK, 1 day Cross-country skis 240 CZK.
  • Package deal: 
    Beginner Skier 6 day group lesson, rental and full pass:  6,450 CZK.
    Beginner Snowboarder 6 day group lesson, rental and full pass: 4,750 CZK. 

If you are truly a beginner, and don´t need the many kilometers of trails that a pass from Skol Max can provide, you might consider the ski centre Kněžický vrch. At the base of the central Krkonoše in Vrchlabí, Kněžický vrch offers cheaper prices at a smaller slope.  That said, there are still 50 kilometers of cross country trails nearby, as well as a solid snowboard park. In Vrchlabí, Ski and Board School Lenka offers a 10% discount for booking online: Ski and Board School Lenka (, 603 253 250)

  • Group lessons:
    550 CZK for 1 day, 1,700 for 5. 
  • Adult ski and snowboard set rentals:
    290 CZK for 1 day, 1250 for 5 days.
  • Kids set rentals:
    190 CZK for 1 day, 850 CZK for 5. 
  • Packages:
    6 day package comes with lessons, rentals and a lift pass for 4,530 CZK
    6 day kids ski package 4,713 CZK
    6 day Snowboard package 4,764 CZK

The eastern part of the Giant Mountains culminates in the resorts of Černý Důl, Horní Malá Úpa, Janské Lázně, Pec pod Sněžkou and Svoboda nad Úpou. This is another hot spot for skiers of all abilities, and K+K Ski School based in both Janské Lázně and Pec pod Sněžkou, services the whole area. They offer an automatic 5% discount for booking online. K+K Ski School (, 499 775 010)

  • Group lessons:
    600 CZK for 1 day, 1,800 for 5 days. 
  • Ski set rental:
    Adult 1 day 350 CZK, 250 CZK for kids, and Snowboard 400 CZK.
  • Package deal:
    2 days with school and skis, 1620 CZK
    5 days with school and skis 3,060 CZK 
    2 days with school and snowboard 1690 CZK
    5 days with snowboard and school 3,240 CZK

Ask separately for cross-country ski rental and lesson prices at the office.  

Snowsport Ski School in Pec pod Sněžkou also offers a 5% booking online discount.  While they don´t offer packages, they give an additional 5% discount for booking equipment rentals and lessons together. Telemark skiing is focused on here, with two winter Tele workshops, January 22-25th and April 2-5th. While Snowsport doesn´t rent x-country skis, they claim they can find them for you. Snowsport Ski (, 739 309 272)

  • Group lessons:
    1 day 700 CZK, 5 days 2,000 CZK
  • Adult Ski or Snowboard set rental:
    1 day 300 CZK, 1,500 CZK for 5 days. 
  • Kids ski and snowboard set:
    200 CZK for 1 day, 1,000 for 5 day. 
  • Telemark ski rental:
    350 CZK a day. 

To the west, where the Krkonoše Mountains meet the Jizerské Mountains, there are more resorts to be had, specifically Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Paseky nad Jizerou, Rejdice and Příchovice.  JPK Ski School is by far the largest school in the region, with offices in Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Klínovec, Boží Dar, Bublava and Dolní Marovice.  They also rent skis in Prague. (see end of article for Prague rental details).  Prices below are listed from the Harrachov location. JPK Ski School Harrachov (, 724 284 192)

  • Group Lessons: 
    1 day 690 CZK and 5 days 470 CZK
  • Ski set rentals:
    1 day 395 CZK
  • Kids Ski set rentals:
    1 day 195 CZK
  • Snowboard set rental:
    1 day 395 CZK
  • Cross-Country Ski set rental:
    1 day 195 CZK

Classic Ski School Harrachov is one of the few ski rental services claiming they won´t charge the customer for damaged equipment, and won´t ask you to purchase rental insurance. With a main office in Harrachov, Classic Ski School has meeting points and info centers spread across the base of the western range, from Nový Svět to Rýžoviště. Classic Ski School Harrachov (, 481 529 629)

  • Group lessons:
    1 day 750 CZK, 5 days 2,590 CZK
  • Adult Ski set rental:
    1 day 350 CZK
  • Kids ski set rental:
    1 day 250 CZK
  • Snowboard set rental:
    1 day 390 CZK
  • Cross-Country Ski set rental:
    220 CZK

In the Jizerské Mountains themselves, the weather conditions are noted for their above-average annual precipitation. Ski resorts Ještěd, Bedřichov and Severák are the most established, and since this is where the university town of Liberec is located; there are many options for traveling to the resorts of Jizera without a car. In Liberec, ski school Sport Ještěd offers group and family lessons, plus a 10% discount if you become a Sport Ještěd member. Sport Ještěd (, 486 100 070-2)

  • Group ski, snowboard or cross-country lessons:
    1 day 4,700 CZK
  • Family lessons:
    1 day: 4,800 CZK
  • Adult ski set rental
    1 day: 400 CZK
  • Adult Snowboard rental
    1 day:  550 CZK
  • Kids ski set rental
    1 day: 300 CZK
  • Kids Snowboard set rental
    1 day:  500 CZK

Based in Jablonec nad Nisou, approximately 15 kilometers from Liberec, Ski Bižu Sport runs from three ski centers – Bedřichov, Severák and Tanvaldský Špičák. Bedřichov and Severák are specifically catered to family skiing, and Bižu SPORT offers a 5% online discount, as well as family ski lessons. Ski Bižu Sport: Tanvaldský Špičák (732 751 119); Severák (605 907 935); Bedřichov (604 581 037)

  • Adult Ski and Snowboard group lessons
    1 day:  550 CZK, 5 day: 1,050 CZK, 6 day: free
  • Child Ski and Snowboard group lessons
    1 day: 300 CZK,  5 days: 1,100.  6 day: free
  • Family Ski lessons
    1 day 1400 CZK (2 adults, 1 child)
  • Adult Ski and Snowboard rental
    1 day: 290 CZK
  • Child Ski and Snowboard rental
    1 day: 220 CZK

In the north of Moravia, along the Polish border, the Jeseníky Mountains ( rise as the second highest mountains in the Czech Republic.  Especially known for its kilometers of cross-country skiing, the region is also home to many ski resorts that boast some of the best snow in the country. Profi Ski & Board School services many mountain ranges, including the Krkonoše, Jeseníky and the Beskydys. Their website promises that on request, a special package of lessons and rental equipment can be designed to suit individual needs for a discounted price. Profi Ski & Board (, 584 414 051)

  • Group Ski and Snowboard lessons:
    1 day: 590 CZK, 5 days:  1,690 CZK
  • Adult Ski and Snowboard rental
    1 day:  290 CZK
  • Kids Ski and Snowboard rental
    1 day:  200 CZK
  • Packages: 
    Ask for a custom package at the office

Also in the Jeseníky, Červenohorské Saddle is advertised as one of the best-known ski centers in Northern Moravia, with an altitude of 1013 m. Ski and Board School Loap gives lessons at this resort, as well as the resort of  Klepáčov. Ski and Board School Loap (, 608 141 948)

  • Group Lessons
    1 day 590 CZK, 5 days 1,890 CZK
  • Ski and Snowboard Rental
    1 day 360 CZK

At the Czech Republic´s southwest border with Germany and Austria is Šumava National Park and Reserve ( Šumava remains the most well-preserved wilderness in the Czech Republic, covered by pine forests and peat bogs. Ski slopes here are less steep than what you´d find in the Giant Mountains, but skiers of all levels will still have plenty to do. The gentle Šumava slopes of Lipno Ski Resort and School are best suited to beginners and families. Lipno also grooms 50 kilometers of cross-country ski trails. During the low season, they offer ski packages with a 5% discount, and rentals with a 10% discount. Lipno Ski School (, 380 736 053)

  • Ski and Snowboard Group lessons, Adults and Children:
    1 day: 750 CZK, 5 days: 2400 CZK
  • Adult Ski and Snowboard Rental
    1 day:  370 CZK (Cross-country) 240 CZK
  • Kids Ski, Cross-country ski, and Snowboard Rental
    1 day: 240 CZK
  • Package Adults
    6 day lessons, 6 day rental, and 6 day pass: 5,947 CZK
  • Package Kids
    6 day lessons, 6 day rental, and 6 day pass: 4,796 CZK

On the other hand, Špičák Resort and Ski School has slopes for all abilities, from gentle practice meadows to downhill chutes for the brave of heart.  This is the best choice for more advanced skiers on the Czech side of the Šumava range. Špičák Ski School (, 376 397 167)

  • Group Lessons
    1 day: 600 CZK, 5 day: 2,200 CZK
  • Adult Rental
    Ski 1 day: 540 CZK
    Snowboard 1 day:  550 CZK
  • Kids Rental
    Ski 1 day: 250 CZK
    Snowboard 1 day: 350 CZK

Rounding out the ski destination short list are the Beskydy Mountains ( in Moravia, along the Polish and Slovakian border. A heavily wooded region with many streams, the Beskydy are quieter than some of the other more popular skiing destinations.  Sun Ski and Board School services several locations here, including the resorts of Bílá, Dolní Lomná, Kohutá, Malenovice, Pustevny and Mosty u Jablůnkova. Sun Ski and Board School (, 608 455 794)

  • Group Lessons
    1 day: 612 CZK, additional days: 508 Kč
    Call for 2009 rental pricing

Ski and Snowboard Rental in Prague

While it might seem like extra work to lug your skis to the mountains with you, the rental prices in the city are slightly cheaper than what you would pay mountainside. There are hundreds of places to rent in Prague, and many shops offer a set weekend price in which you pay the same for 2-4 day rentals. You are always asked to leave a deposit of up 3,000 CZK before you head for the slopes. Below is a quick list to get you started.

ABC-SPORT (, 777 105 522)
Weekend Ski Rental VIP (Rent for 2-4 days for the same price)
700 CZK
Kids Ski Rental (2-4 days)
200 CZK
Adult/Kids Weekend Snowboard Rental (2-4 days)
500 CZK

Ski Centrum Petřiny (, 733 348 700)
Weekend Ski and Snowboard Rental (2 days)
500 CZK
Kids Weekend Ski and Snowboard Rental (2 days)
380 CZK

JPK Praha (775 215 135)
Adult Ski Rental
1 day 190 CZK
Kids Ski Rental
1 day 160 CZK
Adult/Kids Snowboard Rental
200 CZK

SnowManie (, 261 264 262)
Adult Weekend ski rental (Rent for 2-4 days for the same price)
470 CZK
Kid weekend ski rental (2-4 days)
240 CZK
Adult Weekend Snowboard Rental (2-4 days)
490 CZK
Kid Weekend Snowboard Rental (2-4 days)
190 CZK

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