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Swiss hockey team in quarantine after testing positive for COVID following Czech match

Unlike the Swiss, the Czech team had not been tested for COVID-19 prior to arriving at the match

The Under-17 Swiss National Hockey Team has been placed into quarantine following a friendly match with the Czech National Hockey Team, according to a published report.

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The Czech team played Switzerland for three preparatory matches in Zuchwil from July 23 to 25. The team took home two wins and one loss.

Following the matches, doctors in Bern sent the entire national team and two junior teams, SCB Future and SCL Tigers, into quarantine after several players returned from the match infected with coronavirus.

The entire Swiss team and their coach had been tested for coronavirus two days prior to the match, and the tests came out negative, according to Gundekar Giebel, a local health official.

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Unlike the Swiss, the Czech team had not been tested prior to arriving at the match.

“Czech players were not compulsorily tested. Some did so individually or in clubs,” said union spokesman Zdeněk Zikmund.

One of the Czech players on the Under 17 Czech National Team had unknowingly been infected with coronavirus prior to the match, the Hockey Association confirmed.

One of the members of the Czech National Team tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of July after returning back to Czech Republic. By the end of July, 12 players and staff had tested positive for the virus.

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The Czech team has canceled the remainder of their summer program, including their games in Brno.

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