Weekly Training Plan for the Half-marathon Runners 20.2. – 26.2.

Get ready for the half-marathon with Expats.cz

Are you planning on running the Prague half-marathon or marathon? Don’t worry, we’re is here to help you get ready!

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If you’ve already signed up for the Hervis Prague Half Marathon or are planning on signing up for international Volkswagen Prague Marathon race, you most certainly shouldn’t underestimate the need for preparation. Whether it’s the 21.097 km course or the mighty 42.195 km marathon distance you have your sights set on completing, you shouldn’t be considering it without the advice of a proper trainer – your body will thank you afterwards, that’s for sure!

Starting from now and continuing right up to the Prague half-marathon race, taking place on 6th April, Expats.cz will be publishing training plans compiled by Ultra-marathon distance runner Miloš Škorpil, who has been working with Prague International Marathon for many years already. After completing the half-marathon, the pace of the training sessions will go up a notch or two ensuring you’re ready and rearing to go again for the Volkswagen Prague Marathon being held on 12th May.

There are just under 7 weeks to go before the Hervis Prague Half Marathon, so now really is the perfect time to get underway with a training programme. It’s no longer possible to sign up for this race since capacity has already been reached, despite organisers having extended the number of start numbers by 1000 places once again. It was completly sold out with 2 months to go before the actual race!

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Not had chance to sign up yet? Take advantage of the last opportunity to take part in the Volkswagen Prague Marathon. Places for this race are also selling like hotcakes and there are currently just under 1,000 start numbers left. Does the course seem a little too long for you? If so, you have the chance to sign up as a four-member relay team or alternatively to run the Volkswagen Family Mini-Marathon (4.2 km long).

TRAINING PLAN 20.2. – 26.2.

Wednesday 20.2.
5 minutes (50 – 65% your heart rate (HR));  5x repeat (30 seconds slowly – 20 seconds faster – 10 seconds fastest) – 2 minutes free running or walking – 5x (30 – 20 – 10) – 2 minutes freely or walking – 5x (30 – 20 – 10) – 2 minutes free running or walking – 5x (30 – 20 – 10) – 2 minutes free running or walking; 5 minutes free running

Thursday 21.2.
45 minutes (50 – 75 % HR max); fitness in the evening. Check the tips for excercises here.

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Friday 22.2.
Free time

Saturday 23.2.
10 minutes (50 – 65% HR max) – 90 minutes (75 – 85% HR max) – 10 minutes (65 – 50% HR max); stretching in the evening. Check the tips for excerscise here.

Sunday 24.2.
45 minutes (65 – 75% HR max)

Moday 25.2.
Free time

Tuesday 26.2.
50 minutes freely (50 – 75% HR max); fitness in the evening. Check the tips here.

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