Where to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympic Games Live In Prague

Whether you stay home or head out to the pub, a few tips for tuning into the 2018 Olympic games live from PyeongChang

The Czechs are off to a great start this year picking up a silver (Michal Krčmář) in the biathlon men’s sprint and a bronze (Veronika Vítková) in the biathlon women’s sprint.

For anyone living in the Czech Republic who wants to catch the games live, Czech Television (Česká televize) boasts great coverage and has done so for decades—although due to budget considerations and increased licensing fees, the country’s largest broadcaster has announced that coverage won’t be quite as comprehensive from Korea as it was from Sochi.

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Visit the Olympiada 2018 portal here or see a live stream of the games here and watch the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics unfold before your eyes in up to HD 720 p resolution. Everything that is broadcast live on Czech Television can also be viewed online as well as from its Internet archives for up to seven days.

In Prague, you can catch Olympic coverage through February 25 at these venues:

This year the Olympics festival has moved to Brno and Ostrava.

And for those of you wondering why Czechs are so good at biathlon, read a history of Czech participation in the sport here (in Czech only).

Which team are you rooting for in 2018 and where will you watch?

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