World’s First Footballpool League Kicks Off in Prague

In Czech, “fotbalpool,” the hybrid sport sees players standing on a giant billiards table using their legs in lieu of a cue stick

Footballpool, a combination of two beloved European pastimes, football and pool, uses inflatable footballs (in the official colors of the billiards table, white, solids and stripes), a playing field with six holes that looks like a giant pool table, and, in lieu of pool cues, legs.

A new Czech league devoted to the game is reportedly the first of its kind in the world, with a 2017 World Championship in Doubles taking place earlier this year and league play kicking off in Prague, at OC Šestka this spring.

Organizers say: “Our vision is to make this emerging sport for all people throughout the country and regularly organized tournament competition to create fotbalpoolové enthusiasts who want to join entertainment with sports activity.

The full rules and regulations of the sport can be found here.

If you aren’t quite ready for the big leagues, 100 CZK gets you 30 minutes of training time on the Šestka pitch; other Prague locations for stepping up your footballpool game include Galerie Harfa.

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For more on how, where, and when you can try this emerging sport, which looks somewhat less gimmicky then mini-golf and somewhat more physcially demanding than foosball, visit the official Fotbalpool website.

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